Whining for Wine


This past weekend two of our dear long time donors, James & Annie hosted our first ever “Whining for Wine” event. They gathered their friends together to learn more about Ethiopian Orphan Relief and Lights of Hope Auction.

Guests brought a bottle of wine, or two or three or some four that we will auction off at Lights of Hope’s – Wall of Wine. This wine wall is one of our big hits each year. It’s composed of 80 bottles of red, white and sometimes bubbly greatness. Each bottle is wrapped so you don’t know what your getting until you leave the event. You choose a number of the bottle you want and then wait for the big surprise to see if it’s a $15 bottle or $150 bottle.


Our guests dined on amazing appetizers like Goat Cheese Empanadas, Almond stuffed dates, Queso Fundido and desserts along with a speciality cocktail, beer and wine all while learning about how the bottle of wine they donated is going to directly impact our projects at Children’s Heaven in Addis Ababa.DSC_0718.jpegDSC_0719.jpegDSC_0721.jpeg

The guests were amazing and we collected 31 bottles of wine at the party and many who were unable to attend are dropping off wine to EOR’s office this week.


No party  is complete without a little party favor. Guests were given a cookie to nibble on their drive back into town.


The kids even got in the action. William was in charge of having guests record their wine donations and making sure they put their name in for the door prizes.




Viola and Anne Rose who were both born in Southern, Ethiopia greeted guests as they arrived and took their coats and purses.


Quinn was the master at clean up. He racked up some service hours for all his hard work.

Thank you James and Annie for opening your beautiful home and hosting “Whining for Wine.”

Would you like to donate a bottle of wine or auction item for Lights of Hope’s ? Visit here. 

Save the date May 13th here in Portland for our 9th annual Lights of Hope Auction. 

Medical Need

We need your help. Children’s Heaven in Addis Ababa is a community based program for at-risk girls age 7-18. Many of these girls have lost one or both parents to HIV. Once a year they undergo medical exams to assess nutrition needs and any medical issues that may arise.


Each medical exam cost $15. Will you help us provide 115 girls with medical care? Maybe start your holiday shopping early and gift a family member or friend, honor a friend on their birthday or give in memory of a loved one.

Thanks for all you do for these inspiring amazing girls.

To make a gift please visit here.


School Supplies For Lola

It’s school supply time for Lola Children’s Home.

Would you like to help with this mini project? Your gift of $25 will provide a child with the needed school supplies, uniform along with a new set of clothes for sports. Our amazing guests at Lights of Hope auction kicked off this project and were getting close to our goal.

Please visit here to make a gift of $25 or more to complete this project. Our goal is to complete this project by August 10th just in time before they start school.

Thanks for all you do for the kids at Lola Children’s Home in Mekelle, Ethiopia.





Race with us?

Come Join the EOR team on October 2, 2016 for the 5th annual Cause + Event Foundation race located in Bethany Village, a suburb of Portland Oregon.

EOR will be represented as one of the over 200 worldwide causes and as a race participant YOU will be raising money for EOR.

In the past the Cause + Event group gives back to your selected non profit a portion of your race entrance fee. Last year they gifted half of each entrance fee to the non profit of your choice.

This October we are hoping to have the largest EOR team to date, so grab your friends and family and commit to health, well being, and continued support of EOR.

Races offered will be a 5K walk and 5K and 10K run.  There will be great music, food, and vendors to enjoy after as well. It’s always a fun morning event for our EOR and Lights of Hope family.

This year EOR has decided to grant all proceeds of this race to the Childrens Heaven Feeding Program which provides up to 6 nutritious meals per week to each girl in the program.

Race registration fills up fast and is OPEN as of MARCH 2.  Be sure to find Ethiopian Orphan Relief on the list of non-profits when registering!

See you all on Race day!


A great nights sleep!

You continue to amaze us every single day. We’ve been sharing with you needs we have for our upcoming November trip to Ethiopia. YOU listened and are helping us with so many things. From the Amazon wish list to mattresses, thank you to each of you who’ve generously helped with this project.

Here is a little update on our Great Night Sleep project for the girls at Children’s Heaven. Imagine not having a mattress to sleep on or having a thin sheet as your only comfort when sleeping. Here at EOR were hoping to change that for these wonderful girls. Here is a snapshot at where we are with this project. While in Addis Ababa we will be purchasing these items and hand delivering many of them to the girls.

  • Mattress $25 each goal of 72 lacking 16
  • Bed Sheets $15 each goal of 72 lacking 32
  • Blankets $21 each goal of 72 lacking 55
  • Towels $12 each lacking 72

Do you live in the Portland, Oregon area? Do your girls have any very gently used clothing they are wanting to pass along? We would love to bring clothes to the girls at Children’s Heaven. They are age 5-17. Contact us if you would like to arrange a pick up.

Want to get a few things off your holiday shopping list? These would make great teacher gifts, the friend who has everything gift, and many more. When we return the end of November we will send you photos of your purchase that you can pass along to the gift recipient.

To make a gift toward one of our needed projects please visit here.

Thank you for all you do for the children in Ethiopia.


International Day of the Girl

Today is International Day of the Girl. This day was started four years ago by the UN. It’s a day of global efforts to ensure a world free of discrimination for young women and girls.

In EOR programs in Ethiopia we have girls who inspire to be teachers, doctors, astronauts, lawyers, nurses, mothers, pilots and many more. Thank you for supporting their daily needs of medicine, clothing, food, education and so much more.

Would you like to celebrate a special person in your life today? Maybe your daughter, mom, aunt, cousin, child? Consider a donation in their honor to Ethiopian Orphan Relief. Your tax deductible gift will go directly towards our projects in Ethiopia and make the future more bright for these vulnerable children.

Some current projects we have that directly impact girls at Children’s Heaven

  • $25 provides a new mattress
  • $21 provides a new blanket
  • $15 provides a new set of sheets
  • $12 provides sheet of towels

Our current projects that directly impact girls at Lola Children’s Home

  • $10 provides 22 children at Lola with Plumpy Nut for one day. Plumpy Nut – nutritional supplement for malnutrition
  • $10 provides 2 chickens
  • $51 provides a week of Plumpy Nut for 22 children
  • $204 provies a month of Plumpy Nut for 22 children

To make a donation for one of the above or where the need is greatest please visit here.

Thank you for changing the lives of many girls!

A few of the girls at Lola Children's Home

A few of the girls at Lola Children’s Home

Sheets, Blankets, Mattress

Imagine living at an elevation of nearly 8,000 feet, it’s rainy season and the blanket you have is torn and tattered, so thin that you can feel the wind blow through it. A mattress that is thin, many time having no mattress.  Many of the girls at Children’s Heaven in Addis Ababa don’t have to imagine as this is the reality each night.

Here is a typical home in Ethiopia. Many times these homes are shared with other extended family members, along with their goats, chickens or cows.


We have an great need for these girls. To some it may seem simple, to these girls it means a gift of comfort that they greatly need.

Of the 115 girls at Children’s Heaven, currently 72 girls need new sheets, mattresses, blankets, and towels.

During our visit to Children’s Heaven this November we will be purchasing these much needed items. If you would like to help us with this project please visit here.

  • $15 provides a set of sheets for one girl
  • $21 provides a blanket for one girl
  • $25 provides one mattress for a girl
  • $12 provides a set of towels for a girl

Our goal is to be able to provide 72 girls with these items. What a great item for a birthday, anniversary, or Holiday gift.

Thank you for your generous hearts.


500 calories

Next month will be the one year anniversary of our Plumpy Nut nutritional program at Lola Children’s Home in Mekelle, Ethiopia.

Five days a week 22 of the 30 children at Lola consume one foil pack of Plumpy nut which contains 500 calories. The staff at Lola has seen wonderful results over the past 11 months. We’ve had weight gain in every child, vast improvements in learning and overall good health.

Plumpy Nut is a peanut-based nutritional supplement for malnutrition. Your generosity has made this project a success.  Many of these children are HIV affected and the need for additional nutrition is essential to their health.

The weekly cost for 22 children is $11.50 making this a cost effective nutritional program.

This week we received a new photo of the children receiving their plumpy nut.

Many thanks to YOU our amazing donors for helping with this project.

To make a donation towards the Plumpy Nut program please visit here. 0a9f8497-bfae-42f7-984d-d20f569bdd82K 4



Adanech was a beautiful young girl who was part of the Children’s Heaven program for five years.

Tragically in October 2013 she was murdered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Her death was devastating to the girls at Children’s Heaven and many of them considered her their sister.

Ethiopian Orphan Relief is committed to honor her memory and today is the opening day for submissions for the “Adanech Gives Hope” Scholarship.

This scholarship will be presented to one girl from Children’s Heaven and will provide one year of private schooling for her. In addition a $1000 scholarship will be presented to a high school senior in Oregon who will be attending an accredited college in the fall of 2015.

The Adanech Gives Hope Scholarship is created to assist a female graduating high school who faced and overcame great adversity in their young lives or their families lives, including victimization. One $1000 scholarship will be awarded. Qualified applicants must be Oregon Residents pursuing a bachelor’s degree at an accredited US University or College, and display integrity and perseverance by overcoming obstacles. A 200-500 word essay and one letter of recommendation from personal or school counselor, or teacher is required.

To learn more information about the Adanech Gives Hope Scholarship requirements including deadline information please visit here. To fill out an application for the scholarship please visit here.

Some BRIGHT News!!!


Some BRIGHT News!!

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Ethiopian Orphan Relief has just partnered with General Electric for their “Partners in Giving” fundraising campaign through www.gegives.com

We are so proud to have been selected as one of three recipients and furthermore chosen for the ONLY service project. GE is sending a team of HR executives to Addis Ababa next week to complete a service project at EOR’s long time partner Children’s Heaven. GE and the team of HR executives will fundraise for completion of 2 service projects and the property expansion fund to enable the Children’s Heaven girls to move to a larger facility.

The work that EOR has been in doing in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, specifically at our partner Children’s Heaven is being spotlighted by GE as a organization for executives to donate their charitable giving too. Each donation made by GE employees will be matched.

This partnership has the potential to dramatically improve the situation at Children’s Heaven. We are so thankful for the support of GE employees as they give with their hearts and volunteer time at Children’s Heaven.

Please consider joining this great cause with a donation of your own. The EOR family has long supported these amazing girls at Children’s Heaven and we know that the work being done there is literally breaking the cycle of poverty.

To learn more about our partnership visit here or to donate now please visit EOR’s GE giving page.

www.ethiopianorphanrelief.org   info@ethiopianorphanrelief.org  EOR Press Release – GE Gives