igive…joy. How about you?


We’ve talked about it in the past, but it’s worth mentioning again that iGive.com is a terrific way to help EOR without spending your own money.

Why Join iGive?

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iGive.com gives a percentage of each purchase back to the non-profit of your choice. You shop, (at Amazon, Shoebuy.com. Drugstore.com, Kodak, Snapfish, 1-800 Flowers, and a frillion other stores), EOR receives a percentage of your purchase dollars. Easy-peasy, lemon-squeeezy.

Since we signed on to igive.com 4 years ago, EOR has made more than $540. $540 without any work, without any asking. $540 to feed kids, or buy shoes or school books or medicine.

Please consider joining igive.com today. iGive won’t sell your name to another list, or send lots of spam, or use all your towels, or smoke cigars in your house. iGive will raise more and more money for EOR as more of our supporters join.

As we get close to year’s end, we have a number of projects in need of additional funds, consider shopping through iGive.com to add to our budget, painlessly!

Once you’ve joined iGive, add a comment here, or send an email to me: paige @ ethiopianorphanerelief.org for a little thank you gift from me.


iGive.com=happy, happy girls!

Art Cards!!

You can now buy Ethiopian Orphan Relief’s Art Cards at a store, B Designs Home Decor in Hillsboro, Oregon!  These quality cards are very special as they are created by children who are now living with their forever families in the United States and by children who are living in Ethiopia at Ethiopian Orphan Relief’s partners.  A very important aspect of the cards is that all of the sales from these cards goes back to Ethiopian Orphan Relief and will be used to support EOR’s partners and projects.   B Designs Home Décor is owned by my sister in law, Jeni Barackman.  Jeni has been a supporter of Ethiopian Orphan Relief for a number of years now, as Ethiopia holds a very special place in her heart.  Jeni is an Aunt to my four children, two of whom were born in Ethiopia.  She has been a part of each of our adoptions, traveling to Ethiopia with us once and Jeni is excited to be able to support EOR in this way, and I recently asked her just a few questions about Ethiopian Orphan Relief and here is what she said:

I got involved with EOR after the invitation to the very first auction. You and Danny had invited us to go to the auction and I had no idea what to expect. I left that night feeling amazed and full of awe, with the passion and the energy that the organization had toward a country that we were just getting to know. At the time I didn’t realize what a big part Ethiopia would play in our lives. I am so grateful for that first invitation!

After the first auction I knew that I could do more to support EOR than just attending! So the following two years my mom and I created the quilt that displayed the children’s’ artwork. I also donated a few items from my etsy shop to the silent auction. My husband and I have loved the auction so much that we purchase a table now each year.  Because of all of this when I opened up my home decor shop in Hillsboro I thought that it would be a good platform to help sell the notecards!

Being a part of EOR is important to me because it impacts my family. I had the privilege of going to Ethiopia in 2011 with my brother to bring home my nephew. I never know one event in your life could have such an impact on your heart and soul. I had the honor of meeting Hannah and the girls at Children’s Heaven and I was amazed! I was able to share a meal and talk to the girls about their hopes and dreams and they showed me their crafts and stitchery work. I am so grateful for the care that the orphanage gave to both my niece and nephew and with the help of EOR that care is only getting better! I love being a part of this organization because it is helping those children that do not have their forever families.  EOR to me represents HOPE, hope for the future of children and families of Ethiopia. I am honored to be a part of EOR!

Thank you Jeni for your support and if you’d like to visit B Designs Home Décor they are located at 158 NE 2nd Ave in Hillsboro OR  97124

Lights of Hope Ambassador Award

Ethiopian Orphan Relief, Inc. has long recognized the importance of the commitment to our donors and the orphaned and vulnerable children in Ethiopia. The Lights of Hope Ambassador award recognizes a donor for their extraordinary commitment to supporting children in Ethiopia.

This award also reflects all that is great in people and how with their support of EOR we have been able to help so many of the orphaned and vulnerable children.

Last year at Lights of Hope we honored John & Anne Ferguson as our  first “Lights of Hope Ambassadors” We also presented them with a Lights of Hope bowl. This bowl was hand crafted and donated by ceramic artist Connie Norman. Connie Norman has been a supporter of EOR and creates amazing, beautiful, and one of a kind ceramic pieces. Check out her portfolio of work here.

We just received an email from Connie that the Lights of Hope 2012 Ambassador Bowl is on it’s way to Oregon for our event. Thank you Connie for once again donating this piece of art.

Stay tuned on May 19th to learn more about the 2012 Lights of Hope Ambassadors. We will “introduce” you to them during the Live Auction.

Here’s your chance to win a trip to Ethiopia

About this time last year, my husband and I were flying to Ethiopia to finalize the adoption of our son.  We flew direct from Washington, D.C. to Addis Ababa on Ethiopian Airlines.  Although it is a long flight, we were glad it wasn’t prolonged by a layover in Europe.  Their new Boeing 777 airplane was nice!  There were individual screens on each chair so you could select your programs, the seating was more roomy than a lot of other airlines we have flown, and the staff was very accommodating.  It was a great introduction to Ethiopia.

We were able to stay in Ethiopia for 11 weeks between our Ethiopian court date and U.S. Embassy visa interview.  During our time in Ethiopia we stayed at Ethiopia Guest Home.  Ethiopia Guest Home is a group of 5 multi-story homes in a nice suburb area of Addis which is owned by American adoptive parents and caters to adoptive families and volunteer groups.  The houses are nice, like a home in the United States, but I have to say that the greatest asset of the guest home is its staff.  We had the opportunity to stay in four of the five houses while we were guests and spent time at the fifth house.  At each house, we made friends with the staff and each house had something unique and great about it.  We remain in contact with several of the staff that we made friends with, and I know of several other families that have made similar friendships.  We had a great time exploring Addis and outside Addis and felt safe and comfortable with the Ethiopia Guest Home driver and guide that went with us everywhere.  While we were at the guest home, we were able to let our son play in living room areas and outside on the lawn and the staff doted on him along with us.  We wandered the neighborhood, visiting local shops and restaurants and the other guest home houses frequently and felt right at home in the community.  Although I am sure I would have fallen in love with Ethiopia and its people regardless of where we stayed, our stay at Ethiopia Guest Home made it easy and comfortable to be in the country as new parents.

I am thrilled to announce that Ethiopian Orphan Relief has received generous donations from both Ethiopia Guest Home and Ethiopian Airlines for our upcoming Lights of Hope Auction.  Because of the specialized nature of these items, you need not be present at the auction to win.  Contact Kim, President of Ethiopian Orphan Relief, at kim@ethiopianorphanrelief.org if you are interested but will not be able to attend the auction. She can explain how to enter a proxy bid.

The package includes:

• two round trip tickets from Washington, D.C. To Addis Ababa (excluding taxes and fuel surcharges) good through May 19, 2013 (blackout dates of 6/1/12-8/31/12 and 12/11/12-12/24/12) and

• a one-week all inclusive stay at the nicest suite available at Ethiopia Guest Home for up to three related adults and their children good through May 19, 2014 with no blackout dates.  This includes 3 full meals per day for each guest, bottled water, daily transportation up to 50 kilometers, unlimited laundry service, internet access, cell phone use, and a massage for each adult.

This is a great opportunity to support Ethiopian Orphan Relief while covering a necessary part of adoption expenses, and you can get an upgraded room that you might not have considered otherwise.  It would be an awesome gift for an adoptive family in the process, too.  However, you don’t need to be in the adoption process to use this trip, it would also be fun for someone who just wants to see Ethiopia or who has adopted from Ethiopia previously and would love to return.

Please come to Lights of Hope on May 19th to bid on this package, or if you can’t attend and are interested, please contact Kim.

The Ethiopia Guest House/Ethiopian Airline donation is an item for Ethiopian Orphan Relief’s ( EOR) Lights of Hope Auction which is being held on May 19th in Portland. The donors, Ethiopian Guest Home and Ethiopian Airlines graciously donated these items to EOR . This item will be in our silent auction the evening of May 19th and the winner of the item will be the individual who is the  highest bidder. If you are unable to attend the event you can enter a proxy bid and EOR will have a committee member acting as the proxy bidder on your behalf. This item is not a raffle or contest. It is a item in our silent auction and highest bidder will be the winner and payment would be made at night of event from the highest bidder.  Proceeds from Lights of Hope will fund our current and future EOR projects in Ethiopia. 

For more information on Ethiopian Airlines, visit  http://www.flyethiopian.com
For more information on Ethiopia Guest Home visit http://www.ethiopiaguesthome.com
Happy bidding!
Lights of Hope Auction Procurement Team


We are always thrilled when businesses donate their creativity to EOR. Stay tuned in the next several weeks for our EOR website to have a whole new look.

A big thank you to Irene P Photography in SW Washington and Harcar Photography in the Columbus, Ohio area. Irene and Amy will be taking photographs of EOR board members Ethiopian Children and donate their time and images for EOR’s use.

Thanks Amy & Irene for helping EOR!

A few of Irene's favorite friends....EOR board member Lauren's daughters.


Working on Night of Warmth (you know, the Columbus OH-IO fundraiser for EOR on February 25.  18 days!) makes me feel like this:


You know…delighted!!!  This little person, and the hundreds of other kids I met while I was in Ethiopia last November help keep me focused on the end goal as I help to put the finishing touches on Night of Warmth.  His enthusiasm and mine must be contagious, because there are a huge number of people to thank for all of their efforts to make Night of Warmth a huge success.


I’d like to start by thanking our guests, our sponsors and our donors.  Your shared commitment to the children of Ethiopia warms the icy spots in my heart.   The success of Night of Warmth will belong to all of you.

I’d also like to thank the world’s best event planning committee:  Meggann, Katie, Emily, Ali & Abbie have made planning this incredible event a walk in the park.   None of this would be possible without them or their terrific spouses who also volunteer for NOW, juggle childcare duties and sell tickets, all for the children of Ethiopia.

This time last year, as we planned Dead of Winter, I was a crazy mess.  Even with a fabulous, dedicated committee, the success (or not) of the event fell largely on my shoulders.  This year, it has been enormously helpful to be joined by two fabulous Columbus-area board members as we’ve put this together.  Amy and Alex are the best kind of women–I am SO lucky to know them both!


Lastly, the husbands of the board need a special mention.  From Day 1, my commitment to Ethiopian Orphan Relief, Inc. has been a shared one.  Albert and our tots play a large role in my work for EOR.  It’s quite obvious that Amy and Alex could say the same.  Thank you Albert, Joel and Dan for your efforts.

When Night of Warmth is over and the proceeds have been tallied, I will be lauded again and again for the job that I’ve done.  Know now that EVERY time I say thank you for the praise, I will remember the role each of you played.

Ahmesegenallo, friends of Ethiopia,


Don’t have your tickets for Night of Warmth yet?  It’s not too late!   Visit our ‘Donate Now’ page for tickets or contact paige@ethiopianorphanrelief.org more more information.




Losers are Winners

Did my Monday check-in at Dave’s blog:  Losing for Dollars and was so excited to read that 1- his weight loss continues and 2-his company knows of his goal and he expects additional pledges from some of the people he works with.  So exciting to see his progress and his support!

If you haven’t made a pledge, it’s not too late.  Visit Dave’s blog to make a pledge, or just to give a shout-out of encouragement. Do it for Dave, do it for EOR, do it for these sweet peeps…


We love Macy’s!

Know what’s better than a shopping trip to the mall on a Saturday afternoon?  A trip to the mall to sell Macy’s Shop 4 a Cause coupons instead!

Macy’s was gracious enough to allow Ethiopian Orphan Relief to once again sell shopping coupons on the day of the big event.  4 hours later,  the children of Ethiopia were more than $800.00 richer!

I had hoped to take pictures of the stunning sales staff hard at work, but alas, we were too busy selling coupons to eager Macy’s customers to pose for a photo op.  A big thanks to many of the members of the Night of Warmth planning committee–Abbie, Steve, Meggann, Elliott, Katie, and Emily for their mad coupon-selling skillZ.  An even bigger thank you to Macy’s for adding $800.00 to the building fund for FOVC-Ethiopia!  We’re less than $2100 from our goal, thanks to this windfall.

Looking forward to seeing FOVC-Ethiopia’s completed buildings in November,


“Summertime…and the livin is easy”

This is the 4th summer of the EOR blog–the 4th summer of EOR, and I can’t ever remember a busier one.  From the art contest (please send your art soon!), to the voting for The Classy Award (please vote soon!), to Shop 4 a Cause, and the kickoff of Project Gena and 50 other items, things are really hopping for EOR!

“Wait,” you say!  “I know about the art contest (I’m mailing a masterpiece to you RIGHT NOW), and I’ve voted for the Classy thing-a-ma-jig, (and told every person I know about it), but Shop 4 a Cause?  ”

What is Shop For A Cause?

On Saturday, August 27, 2011, Macy’s will host its 6th annual Shop for a Cause benefiting charities nationwide.

Non-profit organizations with a 501(c) or 170(c)1 tax exempt status, school booster groups and religious organizations are eligible to be part of our fun and effective way to raise funds and awareness for your cause.

How Does My Organization Benefit?
All participating non-profit organizations check out special shopping passes and sell them for $5 each. You keep 100% of the proceeds. (woo hoo–added by Paige!)

How Does the Customer Benefit?
When your guests Shop for a Cause on Saturday, August 27, 2011, they’ll receive 25% off* on regular, sale and clearance merchandise, including designer brands you love, throughout the store. And, they will be eligible to win a $500 gift card, no purchase necessary.

Two years ago, one of our favorite Ethiohio families won the $500.00 gift card.  One is given at each Macy’s location!

Macy’s suggests that we offer the coupon for the $5 fee, but also that we offer it as an incentive for other donations we receive.  The monies raised from the sale of Shop 4 a Cause coupons will help us finish the building project at FOVC-Ethiop;  as a further incentive, any person who makes a donation to EOR between now and August 27th will receive a coupon as well.

25% makes back-to-school shopping a whole lot easier to finish!

Macy’s Shop for a Cause makes finishing the building project at FOVC-Ethiopia a whole lot easier too!
Send your donation of $5 or more to:

Ethiopia Orphan Relief, Inc. 447 Greenglade Avenue. Worthington Ohio  43085  and I’ll rush a coupon out to you.

Online donations of $10 or more can be made here.  

Please include a mailing address with your donation so that you too can Shop for a Cause!

Paige (who will have a large supply of coupons on hand at every playgroup, Ethiohio dinner, and fencing practice–but I bet you already knew that–smarties!)