World Malaria Day


Happy World Malaria Day!  Oh wait, malaria, as we well know, is nothing to celebrate.

Ethiopian Orphan Relief works with our partners in endemic regions of Ethiopia to help prevent the transmission of malaria.  For those of you who know little about the disease, I’ve included a fact sheet from the World Health Organization:

Malaria is a preventable and treatable mosquito-borne disease, whose main victims are children under five years of age in Africa.

The World Malaria Report 2012 summarizes data received from 104 malaria-endemic countries and territories for 2011. Ninety-nine of these countries had on-going malaria transmission.

According to the latest WHO estimates, there were about 219 million cases of malaria in 2010 and an estimated 660 000 deaths. Africa is the most affected continent: about 90% of all malaria deaths occur there.

Between 2000 and 2010, malaria mortality rates fell by 26% around the world. In the WHO African Region the decrease was 33%. During this period, an estimated 1.1 million malaria deaths were averted globally, primarily as a result of a scale-up of interventions.

Funding situation

International disbursements for malaria control rose steeply during the past eight years and were estimated to be US$ 1.66 billion in 2011 and US$ 1.84 billion in 2012. National government funding for malaria programmes has also been increasing in recent years, and stood at an estimated US$ 625 million in 2011.

However, the currently available funding for malaria prevention and control is far below the resources required to reach global malaria targets. An estimated US$ 5.1 billion is needed every year between 2011 and 2020 to achieve universal access to malaria interventions. In 2011, only US$ 2.3 billion was available, less than half of what is needed.

Disease burden

Malaria remains inextricably linked with poverty. The highest malaria mortality rates are being seen in countries that have the highest rates of extreme poverty (proportion of population living on less than US$ 1.25 per day).

International targets for reducing malaria cases and deaths will not be attained unless considerable progress can be made in the 17 most affected countries, which account for an estimated 80% of malaria cases.

50 countries are on track to reduce their malaria case incidence rates by 75%, in line with World Health Assembly and Roll Back Malaria targets for 2015. These 50 countries only account for 3% (7 million) of the total estimated malaria cases.

At present, malaria surveillance systems detect only around 10% of the estimated global number of cases. In 41 countries around the world, it is not possible to make a reliable assessment of malaria trends due to incompleteness or inconsistency of reporting over time.

This year, the World Malaria Report 2012 publishes country-based malaria case and mortality estimates. The next update on global and regional burden estimates will be issued in December 2013.

The easiest way to prevent transmission of malaria is to provide bed nets for everyone living in a malarial zone.

Several years ago, EOR made a commitment to provide bed nets to FOVC, our partner in Southern Ethiopia. We brought hundreds of them on our trip in November 2011.


At Lights of Hope next month, we will once again ask friends to donate $10 for bed nets to combat malaria.  Each $10 donation will pay for 2-3 nets (depending on the exchange rate at the time of purchase).  A single net is large enough to cover a sleeping area for 4-6.  Your $10 donation could prevent the transmission of malaria for more than a dozen people!

Not planning to attend Lights of Hope?  Why not make a donation today, and help EOR combat Ethiopia in southern Ethiopia?


Thanks for all that you do, every day, to support the work of Ethiopian Orphan Relief.  We couldn’t do it without YOU!



Partner update–Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Hello Friends!

It’s been so long since we’ve posted an update about our southern Ethiopia partner, FOVC, it seems like it’s time to share!  You may remember that more than 2 years ago we began a campaign to fund the building of FOVC. The program, in existence since 2006, was meeting on an empty field. Fine in clear weather, the field was unusable for most of the 3+ month rainy season. EOR pledged to build classrooms, dormitories, and bathrooms and in November of 2011, we visited (and painted) the beautiful new building WE had built.

fovc thank you

Thanks to YOU, FOVC is available to serve the needs of the community year-round.  Secure in its’ housing,  FOVC has continued to grow, supporting more and more children each month.  If you’ve never taken a look, visit FOVC’s website to learn of the amazing work they do.  You can also learn more about this fabulous partner on a regular basis by liking them on Facebook.

Your support is vital to organizations like FOVC.  Thank you, for all that YOU do to help!



Success in Shanto…and beyond

Our friends in Shanto, FOVC, recently published their annual report.  Working closely with FOVC throughout the year, I knew most of the exciting things going on there, but I was eager to read the report anyway, looking forward to seeing new photos, and… a long list of accomplishments.

It was all there in glorious black and white–from an entire orphan care facility built by YOU, to the school supplies, clothing, mosquito nets and basketball hoop our supporters donated, EOR‘s donors have made a BIG difference in the lives of the children of Shanto.

Please take a minute to read through Desalegn’s terrific report, and note the many wonderful things you’ve done to support the children of Shanto, and the satellite regions of Dale and Borcha.  Whether you’ve given $10 or $10,000.00 your money has made a huge change in the lives of these children.

It’s so exciting to read about the fruits of our partnership with FOVC over the last year.  We can’t wait to see what next year brings!

Thanks to each and every one of you who brought medicine and classrooms and joy to the children of FOVC.  YOU are EOR!



EOR Ethiopia Trip-Day 10

It appears as if our adventurous crew of 8 have regained some internet access. After spending a few days in very rural southern Ethiopia, the EOR team is heading back to Addis Ababa. For those of you just joining us. Ethiopian Orphan Relief has a team in Ethiopia right now. Part of our responsibility as a nonprofit is to check on and assess the needs and how our funds are being spent. On this trip, 8 people are traveling throughout Ethiopia. They are meeting and seeing first hand what every single dollar given to EOR has done for the individuals there. Thank you to our donors, you make us proud.

Once again, here are the updates from Kim and Lauren:

Kim: “Wow!! Amazing time we had in Shanto, Ethiopia since Tuesday. The orphanage is all built. We did painting, health assessments, installed a basketball hoop, bought tons of medical supplies, chalkboards, school books, passed out gena bags, went to open air market and bought all the kids bananas out and left much of our heart in Shanto. Now on the way to Dale and Borcha villages to pass out mosquito nets. Will update more in few days. Haven’t had internet or phone access since Monday.”

Lauren: “Day 10- On our way back to Addis from Soddo and Shanto. Wow- This FOVC compound that EOR helped fund is RURAL! We are so pround to be partnered with this group. Desalegn Daka is a smart, loving, and innovative person. These kids are in dire need of our support. Great things are happening that are changing the whole community of Shanto. Clean water, medicine, and EDUCATION. The kids were working on math problems in a mud/ hay building that knocked my socks off. The need is great, but they have come so far with the great support of Ethiopian Orphan Relief. Had a HUGE bon fire and a lamb/sheep dinner. Yes… I saw the animal eat its last meal a few hours prior.”

Mek’ele, Addis Abba and Soddo, Oh My!

Today the Ethiopian Orphan Relief’s crew is traveling back to Addis Ababa after visiting LOLA Children’s Home in Mek’ele. Next stop: Soddo, to visit FOVC.

From Kim, “Back in Addis Ababa tonight after a great two days in Mekele! We had a wonderful visit with the children at Lola Children’s Home! The kids LOVED their Project Gena bags. Can’t wait to share the photos!! Tomorrow we drive 7 hours south to Soddo. Can’t wait to meet the kids at FOVC-Ethiopia.

And from Lauren, “Good Morning! Slept well last night after I lost the key to my room and it took 1.5 hours to get a new one 😉 . Everything is on “Africa Time”. This morning my mom Judy Andronici and I are eagerly awaiting the rest of the team to arrive in the lobby while I type this post. I must say the coffee is AMAZING .. and FREE. So far we have had 5 coffee ceremonies and I may need a caffeine detox upon arrival home. Todays plans include painting a huge intricate gate at LOLA, Project Gena backpack distribution and Creating art tiles with the kids for a Lights of Hope Auction item, that is sure to be a popular item in Portland Oregon. We are flying out at 5 Pm and plan a mellow eve at the guest house. Tomorrow we head south to visit partner FOVC for 3-4 days. We will have a 6 hr drive through beautiful country. I am excited to see the orphanage that Ethiopian Orphan Relief built with your generous donations in this past year. At our last years Portland Lights of Hope auction we raised 31K in 15 minutes during the “raise the paddle” portion of the event. It should prove to be the most intense part of our journey yet and I doubt I will have internet access regularly. So you may have to wait for further updates. Thanks for all your well wishes and support”

We love Macy’s!

Know what’s better than a shopping trip to the mall on a Saturday afternoon?  A trip to the mall to sell Macy’s Shop 4 a Cause coupons instead!

Macy’s was gracious enough to allow Ethiopian Orphan Relief to once again sell shopping coupons on the day of the big event.  4 hours later,  the children of Ethiopia were more than $800.00 richer!

I had hoped to take pictures of the stunning sales staff hard at work, but alas, we were too busy selling coupons to eager Macy’s customers to pose for a photo op.  A big thanks to many of the members of the Night of Warmth planning committee–Abbie, Steve, Meggann, Elliott, Katie, and Emily for their mad coupon-selling skillZ.  An even bigger thank you to Macy’s for adding $800.00 to the building fund for FOVC-Ethiopia!  We’re less than $2100 from our goal, thanks to this windfall.

Looking forward to seeing FOVC-Ethiopia’s completed buildings in November,


Project Gena – 113 backpacks to children in Ethiopia

Christmas in Ethiopia is called Gena and it’s celebrated on January 7th.  Here at Ethiopian Orphan Relief   we’re gathering gifts to put in backpacks for children at Lola Children’s Home   & FOVC (Friends of Orphans & Vulnerable Children).  Through “Project Gena 2011″   your generosity will brighten an orphan’s life.  EOR provides the backpacks~~ can you help us fill them?

In November, EOR board members will be traveling to Ethiopia to meet with our partner organizations and assess future needs. We will be hand delivering these backpacks to the children.

Boy or girl? Email to make plans to shop for a specific child.  Too busy to shop for all the special someones on your personal gift list? A backpack for an Ethiopian child makes a wonderful gift for others.  For a donation of 15.00 we’ll shop for you  AND send a special card to the honoree of your choice.   A personalized letter or photo makes a wonderful addition to any backpack – we welcome yours.  We can’t wait to share a photo of the children receiving their gifts,  please include your address with your donation so we can send you one too.   To see a video of Project Gena click here.

For those counting, it’s 137 days till Christmas! Let EOR help you take some gifts off your list.  Do your children have a service project at school?  Feel free to pass along our flier and…

Melkam Gena!


Gift Ideas

Toothbrushes, socks, underwear, small toys, pencils, hair do dad’s, small cars, yo-yo’s, jump ropes, etch a sketch, markers.

Please contact for questions and address on where to ship your treasures.


In an attempt at full-disclosure, I feel that I should mention that I hear The Commodores singing, “Brickhouse” ever time I think of our ‘Buy-a-Brick, Build-a-Legacy’ campaign.

2 months ago, we were pleased to report that EOR had granted $45,000 of the remaining $51,000 needed for the building project at FOVC. We asked that you help us raise the last $6000, $6 at a time. With more than 1000 facebook supporters alone, we hoped that lots of small pledges would make it easy for everyone to give. I’m happy to say that together, we’ve raised an additional $2500 in the past two months.

For those of you who have given, I’d again like to say thank you so very much. For those of you who haven’t–don’t despair, there’s still time to give. While we were hoping to raise the remaining money by July 31st, we can extend the window through August 15th, and still complete the project by the time EOR travels in November. Together, we have raised every bit of the money needed to build FOVC–the kitchen, the bathrooms, the classrooms and bedrooms–all have been built by YOU. Let’s finish what we’ve started, and raise the remaining $3500.

If we raise $3400 by August 15, I will gleefully add the last $100.00 to the total.

Thank you friends, for all that you do for the kids of Ethiopia. YOU are EOR!



So, those of you who are EOR’s facebook friends (not a FB friend yet?  Please, join the fun) may be anxiously awaiting this really big news.

Today, EOR’s president, Kim

went to the bank

to do a wire transfer

to Lola and FOVC, in Ethiopia.

She transferred lots and lots of YOUR money  to buy a van for the sweet peeps at Lola and then she transferred $45,000 of the $51,000 needed to finish the building project at FOVC.  This is how the FOVC kids feel about it

The board of Ethiopian Orphan Relief, Inc., feels much the same.

Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.  None of this would be possible without each of you. Your support is appreciated by so many–starting right here with me,



Projects & Partner Update

Here in Oregon were busy putting the final touches on our big event “Lights of Hope” auction. Many of our projects this year will be funded by the generosity of our guests. Lauren, our Partner & Projects Chair shares this update for our future projects.                           

Lola Children’s Home

Lola Children’s Home’s mission is to raise money to provide housing, medical and educational services for HIV-positive orphans and foster children in Ethiopia. Lola is located in Mekele, in northern Ethiopia’s Tigray region. Lola was founded because Tigray had no services available for HIV-positive orphans, many of whom are left without family or government support after their parents’ deaths. Many children live on the streets, receiving no food, shelter, education or medicine to help them combat the disease. EOR was thrilled to supply the children of LOLA with new beds, mattresses, sheets and blankets in 2010. Plans for 2011-12 include purchasing the organization a reliable vehicle to help with transport, shopping, and ease of access to urgent medical care. . EOR Board members and supporters plan travel to Lola in November 2011.


Lauren helping a child learn the sport of riding a bike in Harar

For two decades, SOS Enfants Ethiopie (SOSEE) has committed itself to provide humanitarian services to orphans and vulnerable children who are leading their lives under difficult circumstances. Specifically, SOSEE aims to provide these children with basic needs, psychosocial support, medical, academic and vocational education with the goal of enabling them to be self-reliant individuals. This large organization now supports 18 satellite orphanages throughout Ethiopia, as well as 3 main orphanages in Addis Ababa, A current total of 657 children are supported. SOSEE’s programs are varied and include community outreach, farming, job training, and a premier medical program that cares for HIV positive children. In 2009 EOR stocked a newly built medical clinic with essential equipment and supplies. A new playground was completed for the children in Akaki orphanage and EOR Board members hand delivered toys to a SOSEE Harar satellite orphanage In December of 2009. In 2011-12 EOR hopes to raise money needed to purchase an ambulance transport vehicle that will ensure safe transport for ill children from satellite orphanages to Addis Ababa where they will receive much needed support from skilled medical staff. EOR Board members and supporters plan travel to SOSEE in 11-2011.


Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (FOVC) is working in one of the poorest zones in southern Ethiopia with a mission to educate and support orphans, vulnerable children, and widows in Ethiopia.

FOVCʼs goal is to end the cycle of hunger and poverty for these children by providing quality education, food, shelter, and medical assistance. In 2010 EOR was proud to donate significant financial support enabling the construction to start on a large, well designed orphanage compound. This project includes sleeping areas, bathrooms, and kitchen facilities. EOR has pledged continued financial support in order to complete the structure as soon as possible. Other supported projects included the “Widows Hope Project”, purchase of 67 hen/rooster couplets and livestock. Malaria is a concern in this area and multiple EOR sponsored fundraisers hope to raise money for life saving Mosquito nets. EOR is thrilled to have them as a partner and look forward to supporting their groundbreaking work in southern Ethiopia. EOR Board members and supporters plan travel to FOVC in November 2011.


Childrenʼs Heaven is dedicated to improving the lives of Orphaned and vulnerable girls who have lost one or both parents to AIDS. Its mission is to embrace, empower and minimize these girls’ socio-economic vulnerability. At Children’s Heaven the girls acquire skills, and knowledge, that help them develop the confidence and self-reliance needed to live healthy productive adult lives. Children’s Heaven strives to help meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the 100 girls that are benefiting daily from this amazing program. In 2009, EOR provided a long term rental home where the girls are currently meeting. In 2010 EOR raised $20,000 for this project jump starting a feeding program that ensures these girls get 1 nutritious meal per day. EOR also helped finance a library for their use. Future projects include helping them find, purchase and move to a permanent home. EOR Board members and supporters plan travel to Children’s Heaven in November 2011.


Water 1stʼs mission is to serve families in the poorest communities in the world as they implement community-managed projects that provide a water supply, sanitation, and health education. 85% of the total population of the country live in rural areas. Health indicators demonstrate that Ethiopia has serious problems in the area of health care and disease prevention. Water and sanitation-related diseases, particularly diarrhea, are among the top three causes of death in the country. Only 11% of the rural population has access to safe drinking water, and many people survive on a strict ration of less than five liters of water per day. The work of Water 1st in Ethiopia is focused on the West Showa zone where less than 10% of the population has access to safe water and even fewer have access to improved sanitation. In 2010, at $10,000 donation from EOR was put to work in Kelecho Gerbi, Ethiopia, a community of 4,085 people who struggle each day to meet their daily need for water. This well is almost completed and will provide, 8 community taps and 50 latrines. This project will supply a lifetime of clean, safe water and sanitation for the people of this area. EOR feels water projects are fundamental to our mission and will continue to fund similar projects in the future.

Lauren, Project & Partner Chair