Our wishes

So many thanks to many of you who’ve been busying shopping on our wish lists. The UPS man said last week “wow, your getting lots of packages this week.”

We have many ways you can help us with our trip next month. We’ve put together a snapshot list of things and prices. Do you need a gift for your children’s teachers, family member who has everything? How about a set of sheets or a mosquito net? We will take photos of the items while in Ethiopia and provide you with a card that you can pass along to the recipient during the Holiday Season.

This is my birthday month and I have the most amazing giving friends. For my birthday many of them have gifted chickens, mattresses, plumpy nut, things off the wish list. Last week I was brought to tears on three separate occasions by their loving giving hearts. For me, this is the most perfect gift I could ever receive. It’s a gift that will help the children in Ethiopia who I hold so close to my heart.

If you see something you would like to take off our wish list thank you a million times! We are so very grateful for all you do for Ethiopian Orphan Relief.

Our Wish List can be viewed here along with the link to grant a wish-  eor2015tripwishlist

Stella & Dot Fundraiser

I want to tell you about a wonderful fundraiser that is happening now.  Michelle Ornstein and her family ( husband David and son Ben) have been long time supporters of EOR.  The Ornsteins show up to every Ohio EOR event, help secure donations for Night of Warmth, and are very generous in their giving.  And now, Michelle is hosting a Stella & Dot party to benefit EOR.

How does it work?  Well, it’s pretty simple.  Michelle invites friends/family/coworkers over to her home for a party. When guests purchase an item 20% of the purchase price goes to EOR!!!  Great, right?  I mean, you visit with friends and help EOR at the same time, what could be better?  Of course, not everyone is able to attend the event, but the beauty of this is that ANYONE can participate.

Go to stelladot.com. Then email Brooke Zupnick (our fabulous Stella and Dot consultant) at tbrookej21@hotmail.com  to place an order and 20% of all purchases will go to Ethiopian Orphan Relief.

Can you think of a better reason to accessorize?


stella and dot

Sheets, Blankets, Mattress

Imagine living at an elevation of nearly 8,000 feet, it’s rainy season and the blanket you have is torn and tattered, so thin that you can feel the wind blow through it. A mattress that is thin, many time having no mattress.  Many of the girls at Children’s Heaven in Addis Ababa don’t have to imagine as this is the reality each night.

Here is a typical home in Ethiopia. Many times these homes are shared with other extended family members, along with their goats, chickens or cows.


We have an great need for these girls. To some it may seem simple, to these girls it means a gift of comfort that they greatly need.

Of the 115 girls at Children’s Heaven, currently 72 girls need new sheets, mattresses, blankets, and towels.

During our visit to Children’s Heaven this November we will be purchasing these much needed items. If you would like to help us with this project please visit here.

  • $15 provides a set of sheets for one girl
  • $21 provides a blanket for one girl
  • $25 provides one mattress for a girl
  • $12 provides a set of towels for a girl

Our goal is to be able to provide 72 girls with these items. What a great item for a birthday, anniversary, or Holiday gift.

Thank you for your generous hearts.



This November a team is headed to Ethiopia! This trip will consist of nearly two weeks of visiting with our partners, assessing needs, seeing completed projects, doing work projects and so much more.

Over the next week we will be sharing with you different ways you can help. We have a “wish list” of items that we would love to provide to Lola Children’s Home, Children’s Heaven, Water Action and a school in Addis Ababa. These wish lists consists of school supplies, medical supplies, clothing, sheets and a few more things.

Today we want to share with you our Amazon and Target Wish lists. If you see something on here you would like to donate to Ethiopian Orphan Relief we would be honored to take the items with us. You have a few options for shipping. You can ship to us here in Oregon or to yourself and you can drop it off to us or ship to you then ship to us. So many options.

To view our Amazon Wish List click here

To view our Target Wish List click here

Each item donated would be tax deductible. Thanks so much for your giving hearts.


Ethiopian Rail Service

Addis Ababa launches modern urban rail service


Ethiopia Rail

21 September 2015 Last updated at 12:12 BST

Ethiopia’s first modern urban commuter rail service has been launched in the capital Addis Ababa.

The $470M project, which was mostly funded by China’s Exim Bank, is the first fully electrified train service in sub-Saharan Africa.

Hundreds of people turned up for Sunday’s launch and enjoyed free rides on the trains, which are being touted as the solution to the city’s growing road transport problems.

Emmanuel Igunza attended the launch of the commuter train in Addis Ababa.

10 Amazing, Fun & Interesting Facts About Ethiopia

Ethiopia, officially known as Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is a country located in the Horn of Africa (northeastern Africa). It is surrounded by Eritrea,  Djibouti, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan and Kenya. It is the 2nd most populous country in Africa.

Interesting Facts About Ethiopia

#1: The Watch & The Calendar

  • Ethiopia counts its time on the opposite side of its clock. This can be tallied to being behind by 6 hours. 6 pm would be 12 noon and 12 noon would be 6 am.
  • The Ethiopian calendar has 13 months. The calendar is eight years behind the Western calendar. The months are usually 30 days long but the last month has 5 or 6 days.
  • September 11th is celebrated as the day of New Year.

#2: Coffee’s Birthplace

  • Ethiopia is the country where coffee was first discovered. Hence it is considered coffee’s homeland.
  • It was first noticed by a shepherd named Kaldi, whose goats started pacing restlessly after eating the plant’s leaves.
  • The word coffee itself is considered borrowed from the southern Ethiopian lands of Kaffa.

#3: Christianity & Ethiopia

There are some interesting facts about Ethiopia related to the religion Christian, here they are:

  • Ethiopia and its people, the Ethiopians have been mentioned in the Bible. The number of times varies from 40 to 60 according to different sources.
  • There are a lot of churches here and this gives Ethiopia a prominent place in the World as well as Christian history.
  • Ethiopia also claims that the final resting place of the Arc of the covenant is at a chapel in the holy city of Aksum, which was once, the capital of Ethiopia.

#4: Islam in Ethiopia

There are some interesting facts about Ethiopia related to the religion Islam, here they are:

  • Ethiopia has been mentioned in the Koran. It is also worth mentioning that it has mentions in the Iliad and Oddessey.
  • Ethiopia also happens to be the first country where muslim prayers were held outside Arabia.
  • Al Nejashi is the first mosque that has been built outside Arabia.
  • Ethiopia was the country in which Mohamed and his followers found solace when they were persecuted.

#5: League of Nations

  • Ethiopia is one of the countries that have not been invaded and conquered. Italy had been defeated twice when it tried to.
  • The country was the first to join the League of Nations, which soon proved to be fruitless. The nations belonging to this league would be given support known as ‘ collective support’. When mass murders and ethnic cleansing happened in Ethiopia, the others did not just bother.

#6: African Union

  • Emperor Hailesellasie I firmly believed that the states of Africa should unite and be its own master.   This led to the birth of Pan Africanism. This thought materialized to what is the African Union today.

#7: Hot Spots

  • Addis Ababa is the highest city in Africa. Goof up that happens with this city is that, tourists tend to assume that this city will also be as hot as any other African city. They are in for a surprise when they find out in person, how cool the city is, and how cold it can get.
  • The hottest place in the world is the Afar depression or the Afar triangle. The highlight is that it remains so throughout the year.

#8: Candace

  • Candace is the name given to the ancient queens who ruled Ethiopia. It is also spelt as Kandake or Kentake.

 #9: Sharing Names

  • Ethiopian fathers and their children do not share last names. The children take the first name of their father as their last name.

#10: Tukul

  • The traditional homes were huts called tukuls. The floor is dirt, while the walls are sticks and mud and the roof is made from Tef, a long grass.

Happy New Year

Melkam Addis Amet! Happy New Year to all Ethiopians out there and those who have brought Ethiopia into your hearts and homes. Ethiopia is one of those countries whose culture continues to astound us. Today Ethiopians celebrate New Year’s.

Thanks for all YOU  do for our partners in Ethiopia.

Take a look at some of the children YOU are helping.


Children’s Heaven Girls


K 1

Children at Lola Children’s Home

K 5

Some of the sweet children at Lola


Water First/Water Action Partners


DSC_1141_3Throwback to December 2009 when EOR visited an orphanage care center in Harar, Ethiopia. Lauren, Danielle and Kim had a fun day shopping for new toys and bikes for this small care center.

Here’s Lauren teaching this little beautiful girl how to ride a bike.

Thanks to all of YOU for supporting EOR’s projects big and small.

Local Ethiopian Cuisine

When my husband, Joel, and I moved to Whitehall, Ohio ten years ago we had no idea the path our lives would take. I remember our first week in this small little suburb on the east side of Columbus.  We were driving down Broad St. and saw a sign for an Ethiopian Restaurant.  I told Joel if were wanted to be adventurous one day we should go to the Ethiopian restaurant and eat.  Fast forward a couple of years later and we were in the process to adopt from Ethiopia.  Oh, I had no idea how much our lives were going to change.  I went from being the pickiest eater on the planet to being willing to try almost anything.

As we fell in love with Ethiopia we also fell in love with the amazing food (and coffee).  Now we eat Ethiopian food regularly.  We actually prepare the food ourselves most of the time.  There is a wonderful market, Dire Dawa, just minutes from our house.  They have a fantastic assortment of all the essentials you need for preparing Ethiopian food: berbere, tumeric, lentils, and (of course) injera! The food is simple to prepare and delicious.

If you don’t feel like cooking don’t worry.  Kurubel is the amazing man who runs the kitchen located in the back of the store.  There is always an assortment of tibs, misir wat,and gomen  ready for you (they even serve breakfast).