Backpacks for Lola

Need a summer project for your kids? Love to shop?  We have just the project for you.

This November EOR has a team of donors traveling to Ethiopia to see first hand the projects that have been accomplished with the generous giving of all our EOR donors. We love trips like this as it gives donors a front row seat to see where their gifts are going, the lives that all our donors are changing.

On this trip we will also be hand delivering 40 backpacks for the children at Lola Children’s Home in Mekelle, Ethiopia. We are looking for families who would like to fill a backpack with little gifts for a child. Some ideas are, small toy, tee-shirt, hair accessories, soccer ball, small games, bandaids, washcloth, and whatever little things you want to include.


We provide the backpacks and you provide the treasures. Feel free to include a family photo and letter.

If you would like to help us with this project please email us at and let us know if you would like to fill a bag for a boy or girl and approximate age.

We will pass along more details on packing the gifts once your assigned a child.

Thanks so much!

World Water Day

World Water Day has been observed on March 22 since 1993 when the United Nations General Assembly declared March 22 as “World Water day”.


Today Ethiopian Orphan Relief, Inc. (EOR) is pleased to announce that $13,000 has been grated to Water 1st International which will complete funding of a large water project in Dawo Kara, Ethiopia.

Walking several times a day to get water keeps children out of school.

Walking several times a day to get water keeps children out of school.

The generosity of our donors along with guests at February’s Night of Warmth in Columbus, Ohio enabled this grant. Water 1st International successfully implements community managed water projects that provide water, supply, sanitation, and education in some of the poorest areas of Ethiopia. Ethiopian Orphan Relief, Inc. has been partners with this organization since 2010 and has granted a total of $53,000.00 supporting the amazing work they do in Ethiopia.

Water source used by the community of Dawo Kara. Thanks to the Water 1st & EOR donors they will now have clean water.

Water source used by the community of Dawo Kara. Thanks to the Water 1st & EOR donors they now have clean water.

This grant, as shared completed the funding needed for the Dawo Kara project. The well is 184 meters deep, serves 3,700 people, will produce about 6 gallons of clean water a second. Water 1st shares that it will produce over 500,000 gallons of water a day. The community can use for cooking, cleaning and drinking.

This November EOR will be traveling to Dawo Kara, Ethiopia to see first hand the impact clean water has made on this community.

Thank you to each and every one of you who provided the funds for this water project.

Lights of Hope

Tickets for the 7th annual Lights of Hope in Portland, Oregon went on sale this morning.

Join us May 16th for an evening of HOPE for the children in Ethiopia. You’ll find some great auction items to bid on, dinner and live auction.

Lights of Hope is EOR’s largest fundraising event of the year. This year we will be back at the Hilton with more space! We’ve also been granted free parking at the 5th and Taylor garage!

So gather your friends and join us for a great evening in Portland!

To purchase tickets visit here. To follow Lights of Hope on Facebook and learn of the latest items and news follow us here.




Adanech was a beautiful young girl who was part of the Children’s Heaven program for five years.

Tragically in October 2013 she was murdered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Her death was devastating to the girls at Children’s Heaven and many of them considered her their sister.

Ethiopian Orphan Relief is committed to honor her memory and today is the opening day for submissions for the “Adanech Gives Hope” Scholarship.

This scholarship will be presented to one girl from Children’s Heaven and will provide one year of private schooling for her. In addition a $1000 scholarship will be presented to a high school senior in Oregon who will be attending an accredited college in the fall of 2015.

The Adanech Gives Hope Scholarship is created to assist a female graduating high school who faced and overcame great adversity in their young lives or their families lives, including victimization. One $1000 scholarship will be awarded. Qualified applicants must be Oregon Residents pursuing a bachelor’s degree at an accredited US University or College, and display integrity and perseverance by overcoming obstacles. A 200-500 word essay and one letter of recommendation from personal or school counselor, or teacher is required.

To learn more information about the Adanech Gives Hope Scholarship requirements including deadline information please visit here. To fill out an application for the scholarship please visit here.

Let’s get organized

That’s the theme at Lola Children’s Home this week. They have had on their wish list some much needed clothes cabinets to store all the children’s belongings.

With the generosity of our wonderful donors, Ethiopian Orphan Relief was able to grant funds last week to purchase several new cabinets.

E 4

The children now have their own place to store their clothes and are happy to have it more organized.

Thanks for all you do for the children at Lola.

E 5

Plumpy Nut

We have the most amazing guests at both Night of Warmth and Lights of Hope. We wanted to give you an exciting update on the Plumpy Nut Nutritional Program that they made possible for the children at Lola Children’s Home in Mekelle, Ethiopia.
Last year many of the guests at Night of Warmth and Lights of Hope  donated $10 towards our Plumpy Nut program. Plumpy Nut is a peanut-based nutritional supplement for malnutrition. At Lola Children’s Home, 22 of the 30 children are benefiting from this program.
Five days a week the children consume one foil style pack of Plumpy Nutwhich contains 500 calories. We’ve seen amazing results with this program. On average there has been a 2 pound weight gain per child since the start of the program in October 2014. Along with the weight gain the teachers are seeing vast improvements in learning.
Your generosity has started this ongoing nutritional support program. Many of these children are HIV affected and the need for additional nutrition is essential to their health.
Plumpy Nut is a cost effective nutritional program. One year of Plumpy Nut costs $1700 for all the children at Lola.
Thank you for changing these children’s lives with your generosity.
To purchase tickets to February 21st Night of Warmth in Columbus Ohio visit here
Tickets to the May 16th Lights of Hope in Portland, Oregon go on sale March 10th.

That’s quite a few chickens!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Holiday Gifs of Hope. Your generous hearts have provided 156 new chickens for our partners, Lola Children’s Home and Children’s Heaven.


In the next few months there will be some new chicks to add to our ongoing Poultry Project. These gifts you provided will give much needed protein and essential nutrients for a child in Ethiopia. Extra eggs can be sold to other villagers and provide an income that can be used for food, medicine and education.

To learn more about EOR’s projects please visit us here.

Thanks for all you do!!

Some BRIGHT News!!!


Some BRIGHT News!!

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Ethiopian Orphan Relief has just partnered with General Electric for their “Partners in Giving” fundraising campaign through

We are so proud to have been selected as one of three recipients and furthermore chosen for the ONLY service project. GE is sending a team of HR executives to Addis Ababa next week to complete a service project at EOR’s long time partner Children’s Heaven. GE and the team of HR executives will fundraise for completion of 2 service projects and the property expansion fund to enable the Children’s Heaven girls to move to a larger facility.

The work that EOR has been in doing in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, specifically at our partner Children’s Heaven is being spotlighted by GE as a organization for executives to donate their charitable giving too. Each donation made by GE employees will be matched.

This partnership has the potential to dramatically improve the situation at Children’s Heaven. We are so thankful for the support of GE employees as they give with their hearts and volunteer time at Children’s Heaven.

Please consider joining this great cause with a donation of your own. The EOR family has long supported these amazing girls at Children’s Heaven and we know that the work being done there is literally breaking the cycle of poverty.

To learn more about our partnership visit here or to donate now please visit EOR’s GE giving page.  EOR Press Release – GE Gives