Let’s get organized

That’s the theme at Lola Children’s Home this week. They have had on their wish list some much needed clothes cabinets to store all the children’s belongings.

With the generosity of our wonderful donors, Ethiopian Orphan Relief was able to grant funds last week to purchase several new cabinets.

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The children now have their own place to store their clothes and are happy to have it more organized.

Thanks for all you do for the children at Lola.

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Plumpy Nut

We have the most amazing guests at both Night of Warmth and Lights of Hope. We wanted to give you an exciting update on the Plumpy Nut Nutritional Program that they made possible for the children at Lola Children’s Home in Mekelle, Ethiopia.
Last year many of the guests at Night of Warmth and Lights of Hope  donated $10 towards our Plumpy Nut program. Plumpy Nut is a peanut-based nutritional supplement for malnutrition. At Lola Children’s Home, 22 of the 30 children are benefiting from this program.
Five days a week the children consume one foil style pack of Plumpy Nutwhich contains 500 calories. We’ve seen amazing results with this program. On average there has been a 2 pound weight gain per child since the start of the program in October 2014. Along with the weight gain the teachers are seeing vast improvements in learning.
Your generosity has started this ongoing nutritional support program. Many of these children are HIV affected and the need for additional nutrition is essential to their health.
Plumpy Nut is a cost effective nutritional program. One year of Plumpy Nut costs $1700 for all the children at Lola.
Thank you for changing these children’s lives with your generosity.
To purchase tickets to February 21st Night of Warmth in Columbus Ohio visit here
Tickets to the May 16th Lights of Hope in Portland, Oregon go on sale March 10th.

That’s quite a few chickens!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Holiday Gifs of Hope. Your generous hearts have provided 156 new chickens for our partners, Lola Children’s Home and Children’s Heaven.


In the next few months there will be some new chicks to add to our ongoing Poultry Project. These gifts you provided will give much needed protein and essential nutrients for a child in Ethiopia. Extra eggs can be sold to other villagers and provide an income that can be used for food, medicine and education.

To learn more about EOR’s projects please visit us here.

Thanks for all you do!!

Some BRIGHT News!!!


Some BRIGHT News!!

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Ethiopian Orphan Relief has just partnered with General Electric for their “Partners in Giving” fundraising campaign through www.gegives.com

We are so proud to have been selected as one of three recipients and furthermore chosen for the ONLY service project. GE is sending a team of HR executives to Addis Ababa next week to complete a service project at EOR’s long time partner Children’s Heaven. GE and the team of HR executives will fundraise for completion of 2 service projects and the property expansion fund to enable the Children’s Heaven girls to move to a larger facility.

The work that EOR has been in doing in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, specifically at our partner Children’s Heaven is being spotlighted by GE as a organization for executives to donate their charitable giving too. Each donation made by GE employees will be matched.

This partnership has the potential to dramatically improve the situation at Children’s Heaven. We are so thankful for the support of GE employees as they give with their hearts and volunteer time at Children’s Heaven.

Please consider joining this great cause with a donation of your own. The EOR family has long supported these amazing girls at Children’s Heaven and we know that the work being done there is literally breaking the cycle of poverty.

To learn more about our partnership visit here or to donate now please visit EOR’s GE giving page.

www.ethiopianorphanrelief.org   info@ethiopianorphanrelief.org  EOR Press Release – GE Gives



Night of Warmth Success!

Thanks to the incredible hard work and generosity of many, our 3rd annual Night of Warmth Live and Silent Auction was a huge success! I’ve finally emerged from the post-event paperwork vortex and am here to tell you it was a truly fabulous evening. We had a great turnout and raised just about $30,000 for our partners in Ethiopia! The most special part of the evening, for me, was when YOU raised your paddles for the girls of Children’s Heaven. In just 10 minutes, we raised $9,000 for our new education program at Children’s Heaven. Check out this photo of when we asked everyone to raise their paddle for $100…


I could barely breathe, looking out at the sea of paddles raised high into the air. It was a moment I will never forget.

I can also confirm that a good time was had by all. Although I was hard at work most of the evening, I heard from many that the incredibly music (thank you, Team DJ), food (the amazing Creativa catering), and atmosphere made for a truly great party. And of course I have these photos as hard evidence:




That’s what I like to see! Our incredibly donors having a blast and doing some good at the same time.

Our Wall of Wine was, once again, a big success. We sold all 50 bottles and have set a new goal of 75 bottles for next year. Next time your visit your local wine shop, don’t hesitate to pick up an extra bottle to donate to our Wall of Wine!


This year we added a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony to our event. A huge thank you to the volunteers from ETSS who came and shared such a special tradition with our guests.


Another HUGE thank you to our MC, Monica Day. Once again, she proved to be an amazing MC and auctioneer! I can say without a doubt that the success of our live auction is due in large part to the wit and personality of Monica Day.


Finally, a last thank you to the Night of Warmth Committee. You all put in some long hours to make this event the most successful yet. Thank you for sharing your time and considerable talents with EOR.


(she wasn’t present for the picture, so everyone close your eyes and add in the fabulous Paige Chapman-Layland)

As you can see, the evening was a success in so many ways. The most important thank you of all is to YOU, our donors. Thank you for spending the evening with us and sharing our passion for improving the lives of vulnerable children in Ethiopia. I can’t wait to report back to you on all the good that was done with the money we raised. Thank you again and see you next year!



Four Year Old Philanthropist

Four Year Old Philanthropist

I often wonder what my son will think of my work for EOR when he is older. He sees me run off to meetings and knows I sometimes miss tucking him into bed. After Night of Warmth, our Ohio fundraiser, my son asked how it went. He wanted to know if a lot of people attended the event and did we raise much money. He had asked, many times, what the money raised would be used for. So, when I told him that Night of Warmth made over $30,000 he was pretty excited.

He said to me, “You know, I can help get money for clean water”. We talked about how he could help and he thought donating his birthday was a good idea (as long as I promised he’d still get a few gifts, too). On Saturday we had a huge birthday celebration. Many of our friends brought donations for EOR instead of presents. He opened his gifts and was really excited. When I told him that he made $185 for clean water he was all smiles. Then he said, “Mommy, we are really good at making money for EOR”.


It’s Monday…Missing the kids at Lola

Here is a picture of EOR’s first trip to Mekele, Ethiopia to visit our partner LOLA Children’s Home. This picture was taken in November 2011 with the kids and our team of eight who travelled all over Ethiopia.
We were so impressed with Abebe Fantahun and his small, yet comprehensive program for HIV affected kids. This was the beginning of a long and successful partnership.

Lauren – Partner & Project Chair

World Water Day

Today is World Water Day. In honor of this, earlier this week Ethiopian Orphan Relief granted $10,000 to Water’s 1st Dawo Kara project in Ethiopia.

Our partner Water 1st International is doing amazing work in a country where clean water is lacking over much of the country. Water 1st shares that Ethiopia is one of the world richest countries in terms of history, culture and heritage, yet is one of the poorest countries economically.

The burden of water collection is very high in Ethiopia. Women and girls spend hours every day collection water from distant sources. This time of collecting water is taking away from time they could be in school learning, working and much more.

Below is a photo provided to us a few days ago of a water point that YOU our amazing donors sponsored in the Gonbisa Kussaye in the Oromia region.

To date Ethiopian Orphan Relief has granted $40,000 to Water 1st for projects in Kelecho Gerbi, Tute Kunche and now Dawo Kara.

To learn more about Water 1st or to make a donation in honor of World Water Day please visit our website. Together, we can make clean water a reality for more Ethiopians.


Education for All


Education for All


The girls at Children’s Heaven want to become doctors, nurses, and teachers.  Night of Warmth, in Ohio, raised $9,000 to help provide these amazing girls an education.

YOU give them hope.  YOU are making their dreams possible.


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela