YOU provided medical exams

We love when we can provide you updates on projects YOU made possible!

We had some very generous donors that funded our Children’s Heaven Medical Project. A few months ago 115 girls at Children’s Heaven were able to see a physician to have their medical assessment and referred for future treatment if needed.

These important medical assessments had not been done in a few years as they did not have funding for this project. We reached out to YOU and with the help of many of you this project was completed for the year. 

Thanks again for your generous hearts!

$10 and under

Hello friends,

In just 15 very short days our team will be heading back to Ethiopia to see the work that has been completed because of very generous friends like YOU.

We still have items on our Amazon wish list + blankets, sheets and towels that we need to secure, but we thought we’d share some items that are $10 or below that might interest you.

  • $5 will provide soap and shampoo for a girl at Children’s Heaven
  • $5 will provide school books for a girl at Children’s Heaven
  • $6 will provide a birthday party for a child at Lola or Children’s Heaven
  • $10 will provide 21 children at Lola with Plumpy Nut a nutritional supplement for one day

If you would like to help with one of these items please visit here.

Thanks for all you do for the children in Ethiopia.




Need a gift idea?

Yes, it’s just October, and I’m already checking things of my holiday gift list. With us leaving for Ethiopia in less then a month, getting home a few days before Thanksgiving and busy holiday season my hope is to get as much gift shopping done before we leave.

For my children’s teachers I always like to give a gift in their honor along with something  I’ve made in the kitchen. For my daughters two teachers I’m gifting them blankets in their honor. These blankets will be provided to girls at Children’s Heaven in Addis Ababa. While there visiting Children’s Heaven we will pass out the blankets and I’ll snap a photo of the girls to put with the teacher gifts.

This year my oldest is graduating from high school. How that is possible, I have no idea, as it just seems like yesterday we received the “call” that our son was born and to jump on the next flight to meet him. I wanted to honor his past favorite teachers with a meaningful gift. I’ve been going through old class party photos and printing them and will write letters to them about the impact they had on his life. Along with this I’m going to share that a gift has been made in their honor providing school books to the girls at Children’s Heaven.

Do you need a gift idea for a teacher, friend, postal carrier, dog groomer? We have some remaining items that we would love to provide to the children at Lola and Children’s Heaven. If you would like to make a gift in someones honor please leave a comment in the note section so we can send you a photo and card when we return to pass along to the recipient.

Some of our needs:

  • $35 will provide a mattress to a child at Children’s Heaven or Lola – 5 left
  • $21 will provide a blanket for a girl at Children’s Heaven – 19 left
  • $16 will provide bed sheets for a girl at Children’s Heaven – 16 left
  • $12 will provide a towel for a girl at Children’s Heaven – 25 left
  • $50 will provide a scale to weigh the children at Lola – 1 left
  • $6.50 will provide a child at Lola with a pillow – 6 left
  • $40 will provide a white board for the tutoring rooms at Children’s Heaven – 2 left
  • $5 will provide school books for the girls at Children’s Heaven
  • $6 will provide a birthday wish for a girl at Children’s Heaven
  • $5 will provide shampoo/soap for a girl at Children’s Heaven
  • $400 (or any amount) will secure a sewing machine at Lola to teach the girls how to sew
  • $360 will provide a lap top computer for Children’s Heaven


To make a gift in someones honor please visit here and also remember to include the name of the recipient so we know where to send the card and photo.

Many thanks for all you do for the children at Lola and Children’s Heaven.

Sewing Wish

One month from today we will be leaving for Ethiopia. Oh my stars!!!! So excited to return and have so much to do before the trip.

We wanted to introduce you to one of our amazing team members Robyn, or as Kim fondly calls here “one of my favorite football mom’s.” This will be Robyn’s first trip to Ethiopia and she has been planning for over a year for this visit.

Robyn is a very talented and gifted seamstress.  She organized and along with her wonderful friends made EACH CHILD AT LOLA a twin size quilt. Friends, these quilts are so beautiful. We can’t wait to place them on the new beds at the new Lola house.

IMG_8263Over the past several months, along with quilt sewing she’s been making valances for the new Lola home, pillowcases and the list goes on.

One project close to Robyn’s heart and one that will keep giving even after she leaves is teaching the older girls at Lola how to sew. Here at EOR we’re always trying to think of projects we can establish that will be sustainable and successful. This sewing project is perfect for that.

Some of the girls at Lola are older teenagers. Our goal is to teach a skill that they can use to make items that Lola can sell, along with teaching a skill that they can use after they’ve left Lola.

We would love to bring a sewing machine with us but feel it’s best to purchase in Ethiopia for a few reasons. One, it’s important to purchase as many items in country as we can to help their economy, and also our voltage is different and with an American power cord would most likely not last long even with a converter.

Sewing machines are quite expensive in Ethiopia. We’ve found a few options for around $500. Our hope is to purchase this is Addis Ababa and then transport down to Mekelle.

We also have some sewing items on our wish list to take with us. These are items that Robyn personally selected that will help the girls with future sewing projects.

Would you like to help with this project? To make a donation of any amount towards the sewing machine please visit here. To check a item off our wish list please visit here.

Thank you for making a difference in these amazing girls lives at Lola Children’s Home.

Good Night Sleep

You continue to amaze us every single day. We’ve been sharing with you needs we have for our upcoming November trip to Ethiopia. YOU listened and are helping us with so many things. From the Amazon wish list to mattresses, thank you to each of you who’ve generously helped with this project.

Over the next few weeks we will be highlighting some items on our wish list, why they are needed and information on how you can help.

Here is a little update on our Great Night Sleep project for the girls at Children’s Heaven and kids at Lola Children’s Home. While in Addis Ababa we will be purchasing these items and hand delivering these items. Our goal is to provide 40 mattresses and 30 sets of sheets, blankets and towels.

  • Mattress $35 each
  • Bed Sheets $16 each
  • Blankets $21 each
  • Towels $12 each  

On our last trip in 2015 YOU all provided 75 girls with new mattresses. We hand delivered many of these and it was life changing. To see the joy on the families faces receiving these gifts is something that will forever be etched in our hearts.


Thank you for all you do for the children in Ethiopia.

To purchase an item for us to hand deliver please visit here.


Whining for Wine


This past weekend two of our dear long time donors, James & Annie hosted our first ever “Whining for Wine” event. They gathered their friends together to learn more about Ethiopian Orphan Relief and Lights of Hope Auction.

Guests brought a bottle of wine, or two or three or some four that we will auction off at Lights of Hope’s – Wall of Wine. This wine wall is one of our big hits each year. It’s composed of 80 bottles of red, white and sometimes bubbly greatness. Each bottle is wrapped so you don’t know what your getting until you leave the event. You choose a number of the bottle you want and then wait for the big surprise to see if it’s a $15 bottle or $150 bottle.


Our guests dined on amazing appetizers like Goat Cheese Empanadas, Almond stuffed dates, Queso Fundido and desserts along with a speciality cocktail, beer and wine all while learning about how the bottle of wine they donated is going to directly impact our projects at Children’s Heaven in Addis Ababa.DSC_0718.jpegDSC_0719.jpegDSC_0721.jpeg

The guests were amazing and we collected 31 bottles of wine at the party and many who were unable to attend are dropping off wine to EOR’s office this week.


No party  is complete without a little party favor. Guests were given a cookie to nibble on their drive back into town.


The kids even got in the action. William was in charge of having guests record their wine donations and making sure they put their name in for the door prizes.




Viola and Anne Rose who were both born in Southern, Ethiopia greeted guests as they arrived and took their coats and purses.


Quinn was the master at clean up. He racked up some service hours for all his hard work.

Thank you James and Annie for opening your beautiful home and hosting “Whining for Wine.”

Would you like to donate a bottle of wine or auction item for Lights of Hope’s ? Visit here. 

Save the date May 13th here in Portland for our 9th annual Lights of Hope Auction. 

Medical Need

We need your help. Children’s Heaven in Addis Ababa is a community based program for at-risk girls age 7-18. Many of these girls have lost one or both parents to HIV. Once a year they undergo medical exams to assess nutrition needs and any medical issues that may arise.


Each medical exam cost $15. Will you help us provide 115 girls with medical care? Maybe start your holiday shopping early and gift a family member or friend, honor a friend on their birthday or give in memory of a loved one.

Thanks for all you do for these inspiring amazing girls.

To make a gift please visit here.


A little throwback

In honor of #TBT we thought we would show you just how much of a difference your generosity is making.

This photo is a favorite of ours. Abebe, the founder and director at Lola Children’s Home shared it with us in 2011. The photo truly captures the personalities of the children. From Selam’s beautiful smile, to  Brook’s shy grin,  and how little Eyerusalem (Geri) is.


Flash forward to a week ago and this new photo Abebe sent of the same children plus the newest member of Lola, a little baby.


Your gifts to EOR are making a big difference. These children are thriving because of many things YOU are providing. From the Plumpy Nut nutritional program, school uniforms, medicine, medical supplies, new clothing, beds, linens, and much more.

The building of the new Lola Children’s Home is coming along. Next month, EOR board member/Partner and Project chair Lauren will be visiting Lola with her family and we can’t wait to hear her update on how the project is progressing.


Each gift you make to EOR is important. It can be $1 or $7,000 each and every gift is truly making a difference. Thank you for all YOU do for the children in Ethiopia.

To make a gift to EOR for one of our projects please visit here. 


Happy Throwback Thursday!

Did you know that many of our projects are funded by our donors, personally raising funds for EOR? We’ve had friends run marathon’s, in lieu of gifts for their wedding or birthday asked friends to give to EOR, lemonade stands, garage sales, kids emptying their piggy bank and memorial gifts and more.

Today’s #TBT photo is of the Lola Children’s Home Clinic Room that was funded by the family and friends of Fred Williams. Mr. Williams son and daughter in law have been long time supporters of the work EOR is doing in Ethiopia. When he passed away they wanted to be able to give back as he was so honored that two of his grandchildren were adopted from Ethiopia.

This clinic room is used to treat any of the Lola Children and sometimes community members who are ill. Children come to the clinic to get their daily meds, weights, plumpy nut and any health related issues.

If you would like to host a party, birthday, or fundraise for EOR we would love to hear from you. Please email us at

To make a gift in honor of someone please visit here.