Can’t wait any longer…

to share our “Buy a Brick, Build a Legacy” campaign progress.  During this short weekend, more than 800 bricks were purchased for FOVC!  Check out the size of our LEGO wall:


Most of the new bricks (the white and yellow layers) were gifts to Noah F. in St. Louis.  Noah (who is newly 5) chose bricks over toys for his birthday gifts–isn’t he fabulous? Thank you handsome Noah.  YOU are EOR!

Speaking of fabulous, I can’t wait any longer to introduce you to our newest board member (yep, another–we’re growing in leaps and bounds!), the fabulous Alex Dedels.  Alex hails from DC, but currently lives here in the greater Columbus area.  Alex and her husband Dan are parents to the terrific E, of Ethiopia, and sweet baby R, who was adopted domestically.  Alex was a key volunteer for The Dead of Winter Bash, works hard to plan the local Enkutatash celebration, and she is a good friend besides.  We are SO pleased to welcome her to the board, especially as she joins the fundraising team.

Alex & Dan aka  Anne and Henry

Thanks, Alex!






Tickets available now!

In slightly less than 4 weeks time, EOR will host it’s 1st annual Dead of Winter Bash in Columbus Ohio. A costume party and auction, the evening promises to be a terrific amount of fun, for a worthy cause!


Tickets can be purchased HERE.  While I’d love to see each one of you, if you can’t make it, please pass the word to other friends and family in the midwest.


If you’d like to contribute to the event, we are still looking for auction items to make the evening a roaring success. Please contact me with any questions you may have:                    paige


Plan your costume, Elvis, and I’ll see you there!


I need a BiG favor

So, I’ve begun (along with a fabulous team) to plan the Dead of Winter costume gala for March of 2011.  We have a million things to do, and a million different ideas about how to make this the best fundraiser/event ever.  I’d like to ask for help though.

Many of you?  Most of you?  have attended multiple fundraisers in your lifetime.  I’d like you to cull through your various experiences to help me  plan this event.

This is a typical silent auction item.  It is cute, thematically-appropriate, and thoughtfully put together.  I’d like to put together baskets that are just as good, if not better (e.g.  more likely to bring in larger donations of cash).  This is where you come in…tell me about amazing baskets you’ve created.  Tell me about the great items you won at the Cystic Fibrosis silent auction.  Remember (with a mixture of nostalgia and embarrassment) the great bucket put together for your own elementary school fundraiser.  Think back to the silliest item that fetched the most cash.   Do all of these things, and please share them with me!

After all of that, think about the elegant chow served at these various affairs.  Was there a shrimp dish that wowed you?  An appetizer that looked good on paper, but was too messy to eat? Is there some fabulous food served in some region of the country that I’ve missed?  Seriously, if you know a great dish–well… dish!  I have a few ideas, so does the team, but we are eager to hear from YOU!

Ideas about food/beverage/auction items/decor, etc– all will be gratefully received.  As an added incentive, I’ll throw in my  2 cents (x 100) for each comment shared.  12 good ideas will add up to a 24.00 donation to EOR,  100 good ideas will add  up to an amazing event AND an awfully big donation to EOR.

Don’t say no right away–you DO have knowledge to share.  Sleep on it, and tell me in the morning–I really want to know!


Save the Date!

What will you be doing toward the end of next year’s cold and snowy winter?  I hope you and 120 of your closest friends will join me at EOR‘s first Dead of Winter gala.  We’ll say good-bye to winter (and raise a good bit of money for one of EOR‘s partner projects) with a costumed event.  Attendees who arrive dressed as:


or any other famous dead person could win fabulous prizes!    Expect great food, great drinks, great prizes and great fun when you attend EOR’s Dead of Winter gala  next March 5th, at  The Wild Goose Creative in Columbus OH.

You’ll feel warm and fuzzy all over when you attend–what better way to drive away winter’s chill?

If you are a local artist or purveyor of fine wares, we would love a donation for our silent auction. Please  email me:  paige  @ if you are interested.

More details as they unfold!