Can’t wait any longer…

to share our “Buy a Brick, Build a Legacy” campaign progress.  During this short weekend, more than 800 bricks were purchased for FOVC!  Check out the size of our LEGO wall:


Most of the new bricks (the white and yellow layers) were gifts to Noah F. in St. Louis.  Noah (who is newly 5) chose bricks over toys for his birthday gifts–isn’t he fabulous? Thank you handsome Noah.  YOU are EOR!

Speaking of fabulous, I can’t wait any longer to introduce you to our newest board member (yep, another–we’re growing in leaps and bounds!), the fabulous Alex Dedels.  Alex hails from DC, but currently lives here in the greater Columbus area.  Alex and her husband Dan are parents to the terrific E, of Ethiopia, and sweet baby R, who was adopted domestically.  Alex was a key volunteer for The Dead of Winter Bash, works hard to plan the local Enkutatash celebration, and she is a good friend besides.  We are SO pleased to welcome her to the board, especially as she joins the fundraising team.

Alex & Dan aka  Anne and Henry

Thanks, Alex!






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