Art Cards!!

You can now buy Ethiopian Orphan Relief’s Art Cards at a store, B Designs Home Decor in Hillsboro, Oregon!  These quality cards are very special as they are created by children who are now living with their forever families in the United States and by children who are living in Ethiopia at Ethiopian Orphan Relief’s partners.  A very important aspect of the cards is that all of the sales from these cards goes back to Ethiopian Orphan Relief and will be used to support EOR’s partners and projects.   B Designs Home Décor is owned by my sister in law, Jeni Barackman.  Jeni has been a supporter of Ethiopian Orphan Relief for a number of years now, as Ethiopia holds a very special place in her heart.  Jeni is an Aunt to my four children, two of whom were born in Ethiopia.  She has been a part of each of our adoptions, traveling to Ethiopia with us once and Jeni is excited to be able to support EOR in this way, and I recently asked her just a few questions about Ethiopian Orphan Relief and here is what she said:

I got involved with EOR after the invitation to the very first auction. You and Danny had invited us to go to the auction and I had no idea what to expect. I left that night feeling amazed and full of awe, with the passion and the energy that the organization had toward a country that we were just getting to know. At the time I didn’t realize what a big part Ethiopia would play in our lives. I am so grateful for that first invitation!

After the first auction I knew that I could do more to support EOR than just attending! So the following two years my mom and I created the quilt that displayed the children’s’ artwork. I also donated a few items from my etsy shop to the silent auction. My husband and I have loved the auction so much that we purchase a table now each year.  Because of all of this when I opened up my home decor shop in Hillsboro I thought that it would be a good platform to help sell the notecards!

Being a part of EOR is important to me because it impacts my family. I had the privilege of going to Ethiopia in 2011 with my brother to bring home my nephew. I never know one event in your life could have such an impact on your heart and soul. I had the honor of meeting Hannah and the girls at Children’s Heaven and I was amazed! I was able to share a meal and talk to the girls about their hopes and dreams and they showed me their crafts and stitchery work. I am so grateful for the care that the orphanage gave to both my niece and nephew and with the help of EOR that care is only getting better! I love being a part of this organization because it is helping those children that do not have their forever families.  EOR to me represents HOPE, hope for the future of children and families of Ethiopia. I am honored to be a part of EOR!

Thank you Jeni for your support and if you’d like to visit B Designs Home Décor they are located at 158 NE 2nd Ave in Hillsboro OR  97124

Note Cards

Need a perfect gift? How about EOR note cards? These notecards are all created by children in Ethiopia or children who have joined their forever families. Each card displays the artist creation on the front and a bio of the artist on the back.

Cards come in sets of 8 and are $15 for each set.

Please contact to purchase.

All proceeds from the art cards go to our current projects in Ethiopia.

Watercolor Series

Selam Series

Ethiopian Children’s Art Note Cards

Remember late this summer when we announced the 2010 art card contest winners? Well, those little picasa’s will be ready to purchase next week.

Need a gift for a teacher, babysitter, a grandparent who has everything? We have the perfect gift! Our third series of note cards, designed by Ethiopian children, are available for purchase. Each card is a high quality folded notecard, printed on heavy card stock, with a bio of the artist on the back of the card.

All the  proceeds will go towards EOR projects! If you would like to purchase please contact and mark a few things off your shopping list. These cards would also make great holiday cards.

Here are a few samples of the style of cards available. Each series has 8 cards in it for $15.00 a set.

A HUGE thank you goes to Barbra at Paper Rabbit Designs, in Portland, Oregon. Barbra has been an amazing supporter of EOR since the beginning. She shares her talent and design in printing our cards. Her generosity is amazing.


Watercolor series

Selam Series

Tasfa Series

and the art contest winners are…

This summer EOR held a art contest for children who have found their forever families from Ethiopia. The masterpieces submitted will be turned into note cards, a quilt and much more. Thanks to all who entered the contest. Here are the three winners. Thanks to all who entered the contest. We will notify you in late September/early October when the  notecards will be available for purchase. They make perfect holiday gifts.

Boy Winner age 0-8 years

This work of art was created by Anthony who was born in Ambo, Ethiopia. He and his twin brother, Zachary, joined his forever family in 2005. He lives in Newberg, Oregon and enjoy riding horses with his sisters and playing with his lab puppy.

Girl Winner age 0-8 years

This work of art was created by Eliana who is 5 years old and was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She came home to her family at 3 months old weighing just 8 pounds. Her riery spirit won her the title, “small, but mightly!”  Eliana loves to sing, dance, read books and do art.  She also takes her job of being the BIG sister very seriously.  She is excited to be going to Kindergarten this year.

Winner girls age 9-17

The work of art was created by Alemtsehay was was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She now lives in Colorado Springs with her 2 sisters and 4 brothers. She loves swimming, art and school. She dreams of being a ballerina some day.

Children will not remember you for the material things you provided but for the felling that you cherished them

Richard L. Evans

Thanks again,


pictures and popsicles, the afterword…

We had great fun at the 1st annual ‘Pictures & Popsicles’ party.   Lots of art, lots of giggles, lots of popsicles–a winning combination!

Here are some photos of the happy occasion:

a well-intentioned sign points the way to fun, spelling be darned!

Sweet K works hard!

Pretty rainbow from pretty D!

Cupcakes fuel creativity

Cupcake break for Meklit

America’s Next Top Model,  E, stops by for artsy fun

Lovely ladies, hard at work

looks yummy, but leaves a chalky feeling in the mouth…

so thankful to everyone who makes EOR a success!

Can’t wait to do this again next year.  Thank you, friends!


pictures (and popsicles)

Tomorrow is the first annual ‘Pictures and Popsicles’ party (just a wee bit ambitious, assuming this will be an annual event, but I digress…)

If you live near the Columbus OH metro region, we look forward to making art with you!!


*remember, if you can’t make the party, I’d be happy to pick up your art at the family night dinner on Sunday, or you can mail your masterpiece directly to Kim.  Email us for more information.

Art Contest

Yesterday in Oregon,  EOR had it’s first Art Party! We had a great turnout and kids enjoyed otter pops, dips in the pool and creating beautiful masterpieces for the EOR 2010 Art Contest.

If you live in the Columbus, Ohio area your welcome to join their art party on July 10th. Conatct for details

In Lousiville, Colorado they will be having a art picnic also on July 10th. Please contact for details.

You may also mail your art submissions to EOR at 3020 SW Christy Avenue, Beaverton, OR 97005. Entries are due by August 9th.

For questions please contact

EOR art party-Oregon

Art Party – Portland, Oregon, Columbus, Ohio, Louisville, Colorado

Do you live in Portland, OregonColumbus, OhioLouisville, Colorado area? Join us for Ethiopian Children Art Parties! EOR is having a Art contest and we’re actively taking submissions of art masterpieces created by children adopted from Ethiopia.  Attend one of the art parties and you can submit your child’s work at that time.  Can’t make a party? You can still join in on the fun!  Mail your child’s art to EOR. Email for mailing details.

Portland, Oregon Art Party – Tuesday, July 6th 1-4pm in Beaverton, Oregon contact for details

Louisville, Colorado – Saturday, July 10th 4pm. contact for details

Columbus, Ohio – Saturday, July 10th contact for details

Hope to see you!

Ethiopian Children Art Contest 2010

Ethiopian Orphan Relief, Inc. is once again accepting children’s art submissions for our 2010 art contest. The submissions for the 2009 series were turned into three beautiful sets of note cards that were sold at various EOR events and used as decor at our Lights of Hope auction in Portland. A twin size quilt was also made with the art and sold for over $1000 at Lights of Hope.

Submission Guidelines:

Art must be original artwork created by children adopted from Ethiopia.

Contest is open to children 0-17 years of age.

All submissions must include a bio on the artist-child (i.e. Lidya is 2 years old and was adopted from Ethiopia in 2008. She enjoys running, dancing and playing with her dog..).

All submissions become property of Ethiopian Orphan Relief, Inc. and will not be returned.

Contact Kim Pasion at for address to mail submissions.

Voting will be completed by EOR Board Members/Volunteers and EOR Art Advisoiry Committee. Winners will be announced in 4 categories. Top Girl age 0-8, 9-17, Top Boy age 0-8, 9-17,  Winners will receive a EOR Philanthropist tee-shirt. Winners will be announced Friday, August 27th, 2010.

Deadline for Art Submission is Monday, August 9th, 2010

Thank you to the Paper Rabbit for their generosity in printing of our cards.

Here is a sample of our 2009 card series: The Tsegereda Series, Watercolor Series & Africa Series