Big Quilt

This past summer children who were adopted from Ethiopia and children who are waiting for their forever families in Ethiopia  submitted some priceless artwork for our 2009 Ethiopia Art Card Contest. Their art masterpieces were turned into a series of Three Note cards. Thank you to The Paper Rabbit for their printing generosity.

Ethiopian Orphan Relief (EOR) will be hosting their second annual “Lights of Hope Benefit Auction” In Portland, Oregon on May  8th. One of the items in the Oral Auction will be a Twin Size Quilt  created by Jeni Barackman and her mother with the  children’s masterpieces.

Each square of this beautifully designed quilt is truly a delight to discover. Look closely and you will see that every patch of art tells its own unique story. Children created these pieces showing that dreams, childhood and joy are not necessarily dictated by geography or circumstances. Although it is near impossible to capture the elation of a child who is free to create, this quilt comes close. Here is a chance to own a piece of childhood – 27 squares, each representing the magical moment imagined in the hearts of Ethiopian children.

If you are unable to attend this event you still have a chance to bid on this beautiful masterpiece. Please contact Kim at the contact information below to find out information on placing a Proxy Bid. Proxy Bids must be placed by May 4, 2010.

The board members, auction committee and supporters of Ethiopian Orphan Relief are honored for your participation in this quilt creation. As we join together, we truly do form “Lights of Hope” in so many children’s lives.


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