International Day of Charity

Today is the first ever International Day of Charity. Started by the United Nations, it coincides with the anniversary of the death of Mother Teresa. The UN encourages people around the globe to “donate their time or money, volunteer or act with kindness.”

Many of you might not be aware that Ethiopian Orphan Relief is a 100% volunteer organization. We have absolutely no paid staff. All our board members, event teams, accountant give 100% of their time and talent to EOR. All our board members but one have a “real” job outside of their time with EOR. They balance family, careers, friends and always seem to find time to give to EOR.

Today as this inaugural day is celebrated, I encourage all of us to take a few moments, slow down the pace of our busy day and think of a way we can make a difference, maybe you open a door for the person behind you, let that car in on the busy highway, pick up the tab at Starbucks for person behind you, let your child stay up an extra 10 minutes. It’s the little things that make a huge difference.

Thank you to all of you who help guide EOR, plan our events, volunteer at our events and donate to the beautiful kids in our programs. YOU are the reason EOR continues, YOU are making the difference.