Here’s your chance to win a trip to Ethiopia

About this time last year, my husband and I were flying to Ethiopia to finalize the adoption of our son.  We flew direct from Washington, D.C. to Addis Ababa on Ethiopian Airlines.  Although it is a long flight, we were glad it wasn’t prolonged by a layover in Europe.  Their new Boeing 777 airplane was nice!  There were individual screens on each chair so you could select your programs, the seating was more roomy than a lot of other airlines we have flown, and the staff was very accommodating.  It was a great introduction to Ethiopia.

We were able to stay in Ethiopia for 11 weeks between our Ethiopian court date and U.S. Embassy visa interview.  During our time in Ethiopia we stayed at Ethiopia Guest Home.  Ethiopia Guest Home is a group of 5 multi-story homes in a nice suburb area of Addis which is owned by American adoptive parents and caters to adoptive families and volunteer groups.  The houses are nice, like a home in the United States, but I have to say that the greatest asset of the guest home is its staff.  We had the opportunity to stay in four of the five houses while we were guests and spent time at the fifth house.  At each house, we made friends with the staff and each house had something unique and great about it.  We remain in contact with several of the staff that we made friends with, and I know of several other families that have made similar friendships.  We had a great time exploring Addis and outside Addis and felt safe and comfortable with the Ethiopia Guest Home driver and guide that went with us everywhere.  While we were at the guest home, we were able to let our son play in living room areas and outside on the lawn and the staff doted on him along with us.  We wandered the neighborhood, visiting local shops and restaurants and the other guest home houses frequently and felt right at home in the community.  Although I am sure I would have fallen in love with Ethiopia and its people regardless of where we stayed, our stay at Ethiopia Guest Home made it easy and comfortable to be in the country as new parents.

I am thrilled to announce that Ethiopian Orphan Relief has received generous donations from both Ethiopia Guest Home and Ethiopian Airlines for our upcoming Lights of Hope Auction.  Because of the specialized nature of these items, you need not be present at the auction to win.  Contact Kim, President of Ethiopian Orphan Relief, at if you are interested but will not be able to attend the auction. She can explain how to enter a proxy bid.

The package includes:

• two round trip tickets from Washington, D.C. To Addis Ababa (excluding taxes and fuel surcharges) good through May 19, 2013 (blackout dates of 6/1/12-8/31/12 and 12/11/12-12/24/12) and

• a one-week all inclusive stay at the nicest suite available at Ethiopia Guest Home for up to three related adults and their children good through May 19, 2014 with no blackout dates.  This includes 3 full meals per day for each guest, bottled water, daily transportation up to 50 kilometers, unlimited laundry service, internet access, cell phone use, and a massage for each adult.

This is a great opportunity to support Ethiopian Orphan Relief while covering a necessary part of adoption expenses, and you can get an upgraded room that you might not have considered otherwise.  It would be an awesome gift for an adoptive family in the process, too.  However, you don’t need to be in the adoption process to use this trip, it would also be fun for someone who just wants to see Ethiopia or who has adopted from Ethiopia previously and would love to return.

Please come to Lights of Hope on May 19th to bid on this package, or if you can’t attend and are interested, please contact Kim.

The Ethiopia Guest House/Ethiopian Airline donation is an item for Ethiopian Orphan Relief’s ( EOR) Lights of Hope Auction which is being held on May 19th in Portland. The donors, Ethiopian Guest Home and Ethiopian Airlines graciously donated these items to EOR . This item will be in our silent auction the evening of May 19th and the winner of the item will be the individual who is the  highest bidder. If you are unable to attend the event you can enter a proxy bid and EOR will have a committee member acting as the proxy bidder on your behalf. This item is not a raffle or contest. It is a item in our silent auction and highest bidder will be the winner and payment would be made at night of event from the highest bidder.  Proceeds from Lights of Hope will fund our current and future EOR projects in Ethiopia. 

For more information on Ethiopian Airlines, visit
For more information on Ethiopia Guest Home visit
Happy bidding!
Lights of Hope Auction Procurement Team

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