Sheets, Blankets, Mattress

Imagine living at an elevation of nearly 8,000 feet, it’s rainy season and the blanket you have is torn and tattered, so thin that you can feel the wind blow through it. A mattress that is thin, many time having no mattress.  Many of the girls at Children’s Heaven in Addis Ababa don’t have to imagine as this is the reality each night.

Here is a typical home in Ethiopia. Many times these homes are shared with other extended family members, along with their goats, chickens or cows.


We have an great need for these girls. To some it may seem simple, to these girls it means a gift of comfort that they greatly need.

Of the 115 girls at Children’s Heaven, currently 72 girls need new sheets, mattresses, blankets, and towels.

During our visit to Children’s Heaven this November we will be purchasing these much needed items. If you would like to help us with this project please visit here.

  • $15 provides a set of sheets for one girl
  • $21 provides a blanket for one girl
  • $25 provides one mattress for a girl
  • $12 provides a set of towels for a girl

Our goal is to be able to provide 72 girls with these items. What a great item for a birthday, anniversary, or Holiday gift.

Thank you for your generous hearts.



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