the BiG time

You’ll probably remember that EOR had arranged to partner with Engineers without Borders to provide a well for the village of Boru.  After a yard sale, a mail campaign and our Art for Ethiopia event, we had raised about 7500.00 for the well.

Problem:  a few days before the EOR team left for Ethiopia last December, the planned well was tabled.  While the team traveled anyway and did all sorts of things for EOR our water project money remained in our account.  Since then, Lauren, who is chair of our partners and projects committee, worked to find us a new water project to fund.  She searched for months to find a water charity with a similar mission and finally,  on Friday,  Shawn  was able to announce that we’ve chosen to work with Water 1st.

We looked over Water 1st’s various projects in Ethiopia and agreed that Ethiopian Orphan Relief would best meet our goals by funding a $10,000.00 project.  It doesn’t take a math major to realize that we’ve agreed to fund an additional $2,500.00 we haven’t yet raised.  That’s where you come in.

With all of our supporters on facebook and in the blogosphere, we feel it’s entirely possible to raise an additional 2,500.00 between now and May 1, 2010 (the day we send the funds).  If one quarter of our facebook supporters pledge just 10.00 each, we’ll have the funds, easy peasy.  Add a few blog supporters to the mix, and there’s no telling what we can do.

$10,000 will provide a mile of pipeline. $10,000 will fund the construction of the 20,000 gallon storage/distribution tank. $10,000 will fund the construction of all 8 public water points in Kelecho Gerbi.

Imagine walking 10 minutes to a clean healthy water source instead of an hour to a dirty stream.  Imagine days spent in a classroom instead of on the road for dirty water.  Imagine taking your TB or HIV medicines with water that won’t make you sicker.  Imagine yourself as part of the solution.

According to Water 1st, “A $10,000 donation provides safe water, sanitation, and hygiene education  for an entire village in Ethiopia for life.”

Isn’t this something you can support?  If so, please      DONATE NOW

To get the ball rolling, I’ve allocated my birthday donations ($300.00) to the water fund.  Only $2,200.00 to go!

We’ll update daily between now and May 1st to tell you of our progress.  EOR can do this.  YOU can do this!


*include a link to this story on your own blog or facebook page and be entered into a super-special-fantabulous drawing for an AMAZING prize!  Comment below with a link to your own philanthropic goodness!  The drawing, just like the cash disbursement, will take place on May 1st.


7 thoughts on “the BiG time

  1. Hi Krista,

    you can choose the ‘general fund’ designation and in the box indicating “in honor of” you can type water. From now until May 1st though, any donation NOT designated for something else (like Lights of Hope tickets) will be added to the water tally.

    Thanks for asking!

  2. Hi, I’m Marla and I work for Water 1st, and saw the link to your blog on our Facebook page today! Thank you so much for your support of the people of Kelecho Gerbi. Although the water situation in this kebele is grim, the people of Kelecho Gerbi are full of hope and eager to solve the the water and sanitation crisis in their community. When we visited in February, they were ready to start digging pipeline trenches immediately – they expressed their desire to do whatever it would take to end the walk for water by women in the community. I was especially moved by a statement from one mother who talked about the fact that she was not educated, having spent her childhood collecting water instead of attending school. She is happy that this will not be the case for her daughters. Thank you EOR for your support of this life-changing project for our brothers and sisters in Kelecho Gerbi!

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