BiG win # 2–the craigslist edition

“4 terrific wooden dining chairs, manufactured in Newark Ohio, prior to 1940, I think.

The chairs are in need of a refinish, although we’ve allowed them to sport the rustic look for the last few years.

The chair pads (with original webbing) are easy to remove for ease of recovering.

15.00 each, or 55.00 for the set of 4

All proceeds from this sale benefit Ethiopian Orphan Relief, Inc.”

These chairs (an accessory to a desired pedestal table purchased on craigslist)  flew out of my house in a hot NY Ohio minute just a week or so ago.    I paid less money than I sold them for, so it was a super score on my end.  The best part of the sale is what I did with the money.  It went to EOR of course, but for something very special.  Want to know what?  Then you should:

Tune in tomorrow…


*remember to share your craigslist success (along with pictures) if you sell something to benefit EOR.  Thanks!


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