The most beautiful building

Sometimes, it’s hard to make the connection between the money we raise for projects, and the people who are helped by it.   Other times, the reason behind the work that we do becomes crystal clear.
Desalegn, the director of FOVC, sent this update earlier this week.
Hello Dearest Kim,

Many greetings and love from the children of FOVC at Shanto to you and
your dear family. I am doing very well. And I hope everything is going
very well to you all there.

Thank you so, so much for what you are doing for FOVC and its
beautiful children. The children of FOVC, the staff and the people of
Shanto are very much thrilled to meet you and your beloved husband in
November. You and your organization bring many hope to Shanto and its

I am sure you will be pleased with the changes, which the money EOR
has sent, made in Shanto. Before your support we did not have toilet
facility. But we have it now. We did not have kitchen, but we have it
now. The most beautiful building with many facilities is under
construction for the children who came from dusty streets in Shanto.
These all are due to your hard working. I thank you once again for
everything which you are doing for FOVC!!!

With much regards,

Here is a note from his blog:

With many thanks to EOR, FOVC has provided 114 chickens and roasters to the 57 children in order to help the children grow their own asset for future purpose. Culturally, the child who has parents is usually given small chickens and he should grow up the chickens for his future assets. If a child is provided with chickens he/she will grow the chicken to big and the off springs will be sold to buy small sheep or small goat. Then the goat will give birth to off springs and those off springs also will be sold to buy cow/oxen. That helps the child as his/her own asset in the future. Knowing that great cultural value we have provided to all FOVC children both male and female chickens. And our staff members are following up the well being of the chickens. We are also preparing the ground to raise the chickens in the FOVC compound to use the eggs and roasters for meals to children.
You are helping to complete the big building that is currently under construction.  The bricks you buy really do make a significant and instant impact for the children of FOVC.
With the addition of 250 blocks given to Tesfa for his birthday yesterday, we can fund almost 3600 bricks for FOVC.  This is a really fine number, and yet, I know we can add more!  Most of these bricks have been birthday gifts to me, to Noah, or to Tesfa.  If you haven’t given, now’s your chance.  Bar Mitzvah gift, loose change, single donation for $50,000~~EOR can use it all.  Please consider adding to my lovely LEGO wall, and more importantly, to the real walls that will shelter real kids in Ethiopia.



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