Sewing Wish

One month from today we will be leaving for Ethiopia. Oh my stars!!!! So excited to return and have so much to do before the trip.

We wanted to introduce you to one of our amazing team members Robyn, or as Kim fondly calls here “one of my favorite football mom’s.” This will be Robyn’s first trip to Ethiopia and she has been planning for over a year for this visit.

Robyn is a very talented and gifted seamstress.  She organized and along with her wonderful friends made EACH CHILD AT LOLA a twin size quilt. Friends, these quilts are so beautiful. We can’t wait to place them on the new beds at the new Lola house.

IMG_8263Over the past several months, along with quilt sewing she’s been making valances for the new Lola home, pillowcases and the list goes on.

One project close to Robyn’s heart and one that will keep giving even after she leaves is teaching the older girls at Lola how to sew. Here at EOR we’re always trying to think of projects we can establish that will be sustainable and successful. This sewing project is perfect for that.

Some of the girls at Lola are older teenagers. Our goal is to teach a skill that they can use to make items that Lola can sell, along with teaching a skill that they can use after they’ve left Lola.

We would love to bring a sewing machine with us but feel it’s best to purchase in Ethiopia for a few reasons. One, it’s important to purchase as many items in country as we can to help their economy, and also our voltage is different and with an American power cord would most likely not last long even with a converter.

Sewing machines are quite expensive in Ethiopia. We’ve found a few options for around $500. Our hope is to purchase this is Addis Ababa and then transport down to Mekelle.

We also have some sewing items on our wish list to take with us. These are items that Robyn personally selected that will help the girls with future sewing projects.

Would you like to help with this project? To make a donation of any amount towards the sewing machine please visit here. To check a item off our wish list please visit here.

Thank you for making a difference in these amazing girls lives at Lola Children’s Home.

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