Our wishes

So many thanks to many of you who’ve been busying shopping on our wish lists. The UPS man said last week “wow, your getting lots of packages this week.”

We have many ways you can help us with our trip next month. We’ve put together a snapshot list of things and prices. Do you need a gift for your children’s teachers, family member who has everything? How about a set of sheets or a mosquito net? We will take photos of the items while in Ethiopia and provide you with a card that you can pass along to the recipient during the Holiday Season.

This is my birthday month and I have the most amazing giving friends. For my birthday many of them have gifted chickens, mattresses, plumpy nut, things off the wish list. Last week I was brought to tears on three separate occasions by their loving giving hearts. For me, this is the most perfect gift I could ever receive. It’s a gift that will help the children in Ethiopia who I hold so close to my heart.

If you see something you would like to take off our wish list thank you a million times! We are so very grateful for all you do for Ethiopian Orphan Relief.

Our Wish List can be viewed here along with the link to grant a wish-  eor2015tripwishlist


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