Local Ethiopian Cuisine

When my husband, Joel, and I moved to Whitehall, Ohio ten years ago we had no idea the path our lives would take. I remember our first week in this small little suburb on the east side of Columbus.  We were driving down Broad St. and saw a sign for an Ethiopian Restaurant.  I told Joel if were wanted to be adventurous one day we should go to the Ethiopian restaurant and eat.  Fast forward a couple of years later and we were in the process to adopt from Ethiopia.  Oh, I had no idea how much our lives were going to change.  I went from being the pickiest eater on the planet to being willing to try almost anything.

As we fell in love with Ethiopia we also fell in love with the amazing food (and coffee).  Now we eat Ethiopian food regularly.  We actually prepare the food ourselves most of the time.  There is a wonderful market, Dire Dawa, just minutes from our house.  They have a fantastic assortment of all the essentials you need for preparing Ethiopian food: berbere, tumeric, lentils, and (of course) injera! The food is simple to prepare and delicious.

If you don’t feel like cooking don’t worry.  Kurubel is the amazing man who runs the kitchen located in the back of the store.  There is always an assortment of tibs, misir wat,and gomen  ready for you (they even serve breakfast).




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