Ethiopia at a glance

DSC_0866                                A few up to date Ethiopian Facts.  I was just trolling the Centers for Disease (CDC) control website and found the following.

Ethiopia at a Glance

  • Population: 85,000,000
  • Per capita income: $870
  • Life expectancy at birth women/men: 57 /54 yrs

Top 10 Causes of Death

  1. Lower respiratory infections 14 %
  2. Cancer 6 %
  3. Diarrheal Diseases 6%
  4. Malaria 6%
  5. Tuberculosis 5%
  6. Protein-Energy Malnutrition 5%
  7. Ischemic Heart Disease 4%
  8. Stroke 4%
  9. HIV 3%
  10. Preterm Birth Complications 3%

Wonder how clean water and education could change these above percentages?   EOR has been working hard since 2008 to improve the lives of orphaned and vulnerable kids. Will you join us?



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