Backpacks for Lola

Need a summer project for your kids? Love to shop?  We have just the project for you.

This November EOR has a team of donors traveling to Ethiopia to see first hand the projects that have been accomplished with the generous giving of all our EOR donors. We love trips like this as it gives donors a front row seat to see where their gifts are going, the lives that all our donors are changing.

On this trip we will also be hand delivering 40 backpacks for the children at Lola Children’s Home in Mekelle, Ethiopia. We are looking for families who would like to fill a backpack with little gifts for a child. Some ideas are, small toy, tee-shirt, hair accessories, soccer ball, small games, bandaids, washcloth, and whatever little things you want to include.


We provide the backpacks and you provide the treasures. Feel free to include a family photo and letter.

If you would like to help us with this project please email us at and let us know if you would like to fill a bag for a boy or girl and approximate age.

We will pass along more details on packing the gifts once your assigned a child.

Thanks so much!


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