Night of Warmth Success!

Thanks to the incredible hard work and generosity of many, our 3rd annual Night of Warmth Live and Silent Auction was a huge success! I’ve finally emerged from the post-event paperwork vortex and am here to tell you it was a truly fabulous evening. We had a great turnout and raised just about $30,000 for our partners in Ethiopia! The most special part of the evening, for me, was when YOU raised your paddles for the girls of Children’s Heaven. In just 10 minutes, we raised $9,000 for our new education program at Children’s Heaven. Check out this photo of when we asked everyone to raise their paddle for $100…


I could barely breathe, looking out at the sea of paddles raised high into the air. It was a moment I will never forget.

I can also confirm that a good time was had by all. Although I was hard at work most of the evening, I heard from many that the incredibly music (thank you, Team DJ), food (the amazing Creativa catering), and atmosphere made for a truly great party. And of course I have these photos as hard evidence:




That’s what I like to see! Our incredibly donors having a blast and doing some good at the same time.

Our Wall of Wine was, once again, a big success. We sold all 50 bottles and have set a new goal of 75 bottles for next year. Next time your visit your local wine shop, don’t hesitate to pick up an extra bottle to donate to our Wall of Wine!


This year we added a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony to our event. A huge thank you to the volunteers from ETSS who came and shared such a special tradition with our guests.


Another HUGE thank you to our MC, Monica Day. Once again, she proved to be an amazing MC and auctioneer! I can say without a doubt that the success of our live auction is due in large part to the wit and personality of Monica Day.


Finally, a last thank you to the Night of Warmth Committee. You all put in some long hours to make this event the most successful yet. Thank you for sharing your time and considerable talents with EOR.


(she wasn’t present for the picture, so everyone close your eyes and add in the fabulous Paige Chapman-Layland)

As you can see, the evening was a success in so many ways. The most important thank you of all is to YOU, our donors. Thank you for spending the evening with us and sharing our passion for improving the lives of vulnerable children in Ethiopia. I can’t wait to report back to you on all the good that was done with the money we raised. Thank you again and see you next year!



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