Four Year Old Philanthropist

Four Year Old Philanthropist

I often wonder what my son will think of my work for EOR when he is older. He sees me run off to meetings and knows I sometimes miss tucking him into bed. After Night of Warmth, our Ohio fundraiser, my son asked how it went. He wanted to know if a lot of people attended the event and did we raise much money. He had asked, many times, what the money raised would be used for. So, when I told him that Night of Warmth made over $30,000 he was pretty excited.

He said to me, “You know, I can help get money for clean water”. We talked about how he could help and he thought donating his birthday was a good idea (as long as I promised he’d still get a few gifts, too). On Saturday we had a huge birthday celebration. Many of our friends brought donations for EOR instead of presents. He opened his gifts and was really excited. When I told him that he made $185 for clean water he was all smiles. Then he said, “Mommy, we are really good at making money for EOR”.



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