World Water Day

Today is World Water Day. In honor of this, earlier this week Ethiopian Orphan Relief granted $10,000 to Water’s 1st Dawo Kara project in Ethiopia.

Our partner Water 1st International is doing amazing work in a country where clean water is lacking over much of the country. Water 1st shares that Ethiopia is one of the world richest countries in terms of history, culture and heritage, yet is one of the poorest countries economically.

The burden of water collection is very high in Ethiopia. Women and girls spend hours every day collection water from distant sources. This time of collecting water is taking away from time they could be in school learning, working and much more.

Below is a photo provided to us a few days ago of a water point that YOU our amazing donors sponsored in the Gonbisa Kussaye in the Oromia region.

To date Ethiopian Orphan Relief has granted $40,000 to Water 1st for projects in Kelecho Gerbi, Tute Kunche and now Dawo Kara.

To learn more about Water 1st or to make a donation in honor of World Water Day please visit our website. Together, we can make clean water a reality for more Ethiopians.



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