A Day like no other……In Ethiopia…..

Can’t even put into words the past 36 hours. Soooo many life changing moments. We started our morning out stopping at a village home in Shanto and left three big Mosquito nets. They welcomed us into their little toukoul (home) that they share with two families 6 kids and one on way along with their goats, cows and chickens. They all sleep together. They were so kind and thankful for the nets. The man if the home shared his wife’s dowry was 5000 birr which is $264. They have 6 children and one due anytime. When we got back on bus I had my first cry since here. We have so much and resources at home. This family was forever grateful for the $10 nets. We have so many surgical gloves that we wanted to also pass along to a local clinic in Shanto. This clinic serves 120,000 villagers. Yes that’s a ton. As we were walking down the road a donkey and cart had a women on it and her family carted her off and took her in clinic. During our tour we see that she is in labor. They share that we can watch the baby being born. All of us are thrilled! We leave several boxes of gloves, fetal Doppler and some suctions for delivery. We leave our security guards number and they will call when she is about to give birth. We then arrive at FOVC to see the beautiful children. They greet us with I love you’s and hugs. We start weighing all 150 kids, info some follow up medical exams, irrigate a few wounds, we do crafts, pass out st pius tee’s, pillow case dresses, friendship bracelets, organize all the school books donated and medical supplies. We soon get a call she is about to have baby so we race in bus to get there. The roads are muddy and pot holes everywhere. We’ve got stuck a few times. We arrives 5 minutes too late and she’s given birth two a baby boy. He was so adorable and tiny. I got to watch tying the cord and was taken back at the no sterile technique , very basic medical supplies. We return back to FOVC and continue working. Then another emotional moment. Bananas here are a luxury for children to have. They have only had a few times. We purchased bananas with $100 and it provided each child 150 kids with two bananas plus more for breakfast! They honored us with a Bon fire with lots of dancing and singing. We ended the night kicking off the eor plumpy nut campaign. These little sachets have 500 calories and will help with malnutrition. What a moment. So thankful for the kids at FOVC and will miss their beautiful faces. We left soddo at 6:30 this am and are now at lewi having breakfast watching the wild monkeys here. Back to Addis tonight.



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