Amazing Stuff…..

The EOR trip continues to do amazing work. They are on the go from morning until night. There are many partners to see and kids to hug!
No Internet yesterday at hotel so wasn’t able to update. Very busy great day at Shanto. The children all greeted us with music and singing. A beautiful welcome. Kristen McIntyre Ryder was a huge hit with hair cutting. She was able to do about 24 kids. Even with the electrical convertor the clippers were as loud as a jack hammer. Medical exams were done on some children who needed follow up’s, have a few more to do today. One girl had been bite by a dog last week, a boy had a epilepsy event last week and has been having once a week. Kids had a volleyball game today’s it’s soccer. Today we weigh all the children and start the plumpy nut program. So many of these beautiful children are in need of extra nourishment. Chris and I sponsor a girl at FOVC and my heart melted when she saw me in the crowd and ran over to give me a hug and kiss. She kept hugging me and saying “Kim, I love you”
Happy tears. So wonderful to see the kids and today we will be there till mid evening for the traditional Bon fire and goat dinner. Missing our families. Everyone is feeling great! This team is amazing, we’re small but mighty. Last night restaurant was out if chicken and no need so we dined on 7up and French fries. This morning breakfast was foods we couldn’t eat so having its bread for breakfast. So thankful we brought lots of snacks.

 — with Lights of Hope Auction.


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