The Road to Soddo, Ethiopia

Today’s journey brings our fearless crew to Soddo, Ethiopia:

11.5 hour drive and we made it to Soddo!!! Beautiful drive. The bus was packed full inside and on the roof. Had the best pasta ever ever ever at Lake Lagana. Most of us were able to sleep for a few hours on bus. Thrilled to have once again our security/guide Henock with us. He was our guide in 2009. Our bus driver is new to us and we have total faith in him. Traffic here is crazy with kids, goats, cows, people in the middle of roads so it’s lots of dodging back and forth and he was a pro. We stopped at a school field in a village on the way here and passed along a soccer ball, dum dum suckers and pens. We started with two kids and about in about 2 minutes 25 more showed up. It’s 10pm here so were heading to bed. Meeting Desalegn Daka at 7:30 am for breakfast then heading to shanto to see the kids. So excited to see them all again. In the next few days Kristen McIntyre Ryder will be cutting the kids hair, Jina Jones Lorati will be helping the kids with school and talking to teachers, Ally Keo will be helping with crafts and much more. I’ll be doing basic health exams and medical follow up’s on some kids. We all continue to be healthy which I’m so thankful for. Was very worried that first few days when Kristen and Ally were so sick. We stopped to get bottled water today and this was the shop attached to store. We’ve had goat a few times this week.


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