The Day at Children’s Heaven, Ethiopia

Here’s another update from last week in Ethiopia!

Amazing wonderful emotional day! We started out on the search for scales so when we go south we can weigh the kids before they start plumptynut. We scored 3 scales! Then off to get a volleyball net to also take south with us. We arrived at children’s heaven over a hour late. Today Ethiopia was playing Nigeria in the soccer finals and I think everyone in Addis was trying to get to the stadium to watch. When we arrived the moment I saw Hanna, the director at children heaven I burst into tears. I adore this women and the work she does. We then walked through the fields to the sound of beautiful singing and the girls were awaiting our arrival. It was so great to see their beautiful faces. They greeted us throughout the days with hugs, I love you’s, and thank you to EOR for supporting us. We played basketball, kick ball, tossed a volleyball around, did beading projects, and loved every moment of our time! They enjoyed the pizza so much! Next week we go back and do the ice cream. Tonight we packed our bags for our flight to mekelle. We have a 3am wake up call. Yep 3 hours from now and we are still up! So thrilled to share that all four of us feel great!!! No sickness today. We’re doing great but getting tired with packed full schedules. Can’t wait to see our friends at Lola children’s home tomorrow! Not sure if we will have internet much the rest of trip. Will try to update as we can.


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