EOR Team is in Ethiopia!

The EOR Team of 4 is in Ethiopia as we speak. The EOR team left the US this past week. The good news was all of their 20+ bags made it through Ethiopian customs. For those of you that have been through that process before, you know this is a feat. Here is the first post from Kim: “

Good morning! We had a great night of sleep and our team member who was sick is feeling much better. It’s cool in the mornings and hot during day. Each morning we awake to chanting from the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, it’s very relaxing. Just did FaceTime with my family so great to see them. Tomorrow is our visit to Children’s heaven. The 115 girls there are my hero’s and inspiration. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers, we can feel them! Many of you have texted about the security and terrorists issues. We feel very safe. I’ve seen more police here then the previous three trips. They visit hotels and our guest house each day to check passport records but we feel very very safe. We receive email updates from the Embassy and they know where we are staying. Loving our time here.”




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