Crossing the Finish Line!


Running a marathon is already an emotional experience (at least for me it is). By the end of the race your body is DONE and your mind is struggling to force that body to keep on moving. You’ve invested 4 months of your life for this one race. You have one opportunity to make all of the Saturday morning long runs, all of the blisters and chafing, all of the time spent away from your family while you run and run and run mean something. This time, however, I had an even bigger reason to be emotional when I crossed the finish line of the Chicago Marathon: YOU helped me raise over $1,400 to provide necessary medicine and medical supplies to the children of FOVC in Shanto, Ethiopia. To those wonderful people listed in the sign above (and also Kristen Huckaby, Emily Buster, Judy Andronici, Marla Zafft): THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. It meant so much to have you all support EOR’s efforts to improve the quality of life for the amazing children at FOVC. Every time I thought about slowing down or walking (I’m talking to you, miles 17-20) I thought about all of the people that invested their hard-earned money to see me accomplish this goal. I thought about the pictures of the kids in Shanto holding a sign telling me to “Run Strong” and I kept on running.

Very soon the kids in Shanto will receive much needed medical care because of your generosity. Thank you for inspiring me and getting me through the Chicago Marathon!



Ali G.


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