Running with a purpose


In three days, EOR board member Ali will be running  the Chicago Marathon for a purpose. It’s all about the miles.  She will be running 26.2 miles for kids that are 7,549 miles away.

Ali’s running to provide medicine for kids in one of the poorest areas of Ethiopia, our sweet friends in Shanto, Ethiopia. In 2011, Ali saw first hand the impact that EOR donor’s have had on these children’s lives. She traveled with EOR to Ethiopia, visited our partner organizations and worked her tush off painting the care center, playing games with the kids and so much more.

Ali’s journey to the Chicago Marathon has a greater purpose. With every sore muscle she has she knows that some pretty amazing Ethiopian kids will benefit and receive medical supplies, medicine, nourishment that we often take for granted here in the states.


Our friends in Ethiopia send their encouragement to Ali in these photos! Saying Run Strong, Go Ali. They are thankful for her and to the donors who are supporting her.

Her goal is $2,000 and she’s getting so close!  As of this morning she’s raised $1,155.60. Let’s rally together to help her meet her goal! To make a donation of any amount please visit us here.



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