Turning Teacher Gifts into Lessons

For Holiday gifts this past year, 5th grade teacher Tricia Murphy asked that her students not buy her gifts. Instead, the class combined their funds and presented their teacher with $490 for the nonprofit of her choice. Lucky for us, she chose EOR. As part of her plan, she asked EOR board member, Molly Curran, to come talk to her class about the projects EOR supports. After the discussion, the kids in her class would vote on what project would get their class funds.

After a lively discussion the students made their choice. And by the way, these kids at Bonny Slope Elementary are well informed citizens of the world. They weighed the pros and cons of helping fewer students, what the funds types of things the money would fund, and how it would help the kids in Ethiopia. The winner of the vote? Lola Children’s Home. The students liked the way the money could be used for livestock, medicine, or small things like alarm clocks to remind the HIV+ families when to take their medicine.

When we told LOLA about the donation, they happily sent along this photo of thanks to the class.

EOR is so appreciative to Mrs. Murphy and her class. What an amazing teacher to take an opportunity like Christmas gifts–to herself no less–and turn it into a major lesson about giving to others for her students. Thank you Mrs. Murphy’s class! The Official Check kim 7


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