EOR hosted it’s inaugural 5k race in October.  I was nervous.  The weather had been questionable at best-cold and rainy.  I wasn’t sure if people would show up to run in the rain.  But, they did. Nearly 100 people showed up to run, support, or volunteer at the event.  After the race I thought ‘wow, that was a success’.  However, I didn’t know at the time that the real measure of success would come in January.

On January 17th I received a message from a friend of mine that read, “Addie’s class is learning MLKs speech. They each then had to write what their dreams are and they are hanging outside their room. Addie put that her dream is everyone in Ethiopia has enough food and water. I asked her what made her think of that and she said because of the race she learned all about it”.

The message had me sitting at work, on my lunch break, choking back tears.  Here it was three months after the event and this amazing little girl was still thinking about what clean water meant for others.  Now that is success!

EOR will host it’s 2nd annual Running Water event on November 3, 2013 at Sharonwoods Metro Park  Columbus, OH.  We will run-rain or shine-warm or cold so that more people will learn about what it means to have access to something we take for granted everyday. to the start line

heading to the starting line


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