During this Thanksgiving week as I sit here in my home in Portland Oregon, I am thankful for so many things. My family, my friends, my health, my home. This is a typical reflection about these blessings at this time of year.

Now think about Ethiopia; day to day life in Ethiopia. How much do your thoughts differ when you change the perspective?

Being thankful for my family now leads me to be thankful that I am able to have my children under the same roof with me and having access to clean drinking water whenever we are thirsty, lights when it is dark, heat when it is cold. My children know where they will be sleeping every night, when they will eat next, and when they wake up, their mom will be there with hugs. Their school will be safe and available to all children. We may take much of this for granted, but in many places in the world, these simple conveniences and stability are a luxury unimaginable to most.

 We at Ethiopian Orphan Relief, are so very thankful for you, our donors. Because of you, for the last few years we have strived to make day to day life a bit easier and stable for some of the children in Ethiopia. These are children that do not always know if they will be going to school, or if they will have clean water to drink, and do not know when they will eat next, or where they will sleep. With your help, we have built that school building, helped make clean water available, made meals more predictable, and funded that building where children sleep at night.

 Thank you for all that you do to support EOR.

And let me begin this blog again (this time from a different perspective). During this thanksgiving week I am thankful for clean water, doors and windows that keep out the rain and cold, clean floors where I can take off my shoes and relax, an overabundance of food and three meals a day, a warm, soft bed………………

Molly Curran -EOR Board Member



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