Thanks so much to the following participants in the Inaugural Cause + Event Race in Portland, Oregon  We ran our hearts out this past Sunday 11-11-12 for Ethiopian Orphan Relief.  A portion of all enrty fees will be donated to EOR!!!

It was great to see so many EOR supporters running to support the kids in Ethiopia.


The following friends of EOR either walked, ran or donated the entry fee to EOR.

Aser Heye, Kimberly Heye, Lauren Andronici, Molly Cardenal, David Cardenal, Katie Colledge, Jody Lawson, Kaleb Euchi, Shawna Floistad, Rehana Malik, JoAnna Flynn, Kim Pasion, Angie Regali, Paul Regali, Kim Schuler, Becky Talus, Rebekah Williams, Casey Enyeart, Meron, Enyeart, Riley Enyeart.

Meron, Molly, Lauren and Riley

Aser & Kimberly






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