Oh so Classy!

Heard the big news?  Ethiopian Orphan Relief is being considered for a Stay Classsy Award…again!

Our entry last year took us all the way to the final round–who knows how far we’ll make it this year–we’re in a pool of more than 3,000 now, and hoping to be considered in the top 10%.  In the meantime, we thought we’d share our entry with YOU, the wonderful supporters who make all of EOR’s successes possible.  Please share with your friends.  If we make it to the next round, we’ll need lots of votes from YOU and everyone you know.


Thanks Friends!!



Ethiopian Orphan Relief Makes BIG Difference in the Lives of Little Kids


Ethiopian Orphan Relief’s partner, Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children was running a successful orphan care program for several hundred of southern Ethiopia’s most vulnerable children, but without any shelter, found it impossible to maintain through the 3 month-long rainy season.

Walk into the home office of Ethiopian Orphan Relief President Kim Pasion, and you’ll find the walls adorned with maps of Ethiopia, children’s drawings, and dozens of pictures of beautiful Ethiopian children. Pasion, a stay at home mother of two, including a daughter from Ethiopia, remarks, “I see something of my daughter in each of these photos.”

Pasion, along with 6 other mothers, founded this all-volunteer organization in 2008. Recently returned from trips to adopt their children, these women were eager to give back to the country that gave so much to them.

Ethiopian Orphan Relief, Inc. was founded upon a simple premise—to make life better for the children of Ethiopia. EOR works in partnership with local organizations to provide healthy food, education, warm beds, joyful play and more. In 2008, the seven board members of EOR fervently hoped that they would raise $5000, enough money to build a playground for one of its partner organizations. By the end of the year, more than $33,000 was in the bank—enough to build a playground and fund several other projects as well.

As the number of EOR supporters has grown, so has its ability to fund larger and more ambitious projects. In 2010, Desalegn Daka, Director of Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (FOVC) submitted a proposal to EOR. FOVC had a robust program in place to meet the needs of hundreds of southern Ethiopia’s most vulnerable children, but had no building to house it. Meals, classes, and playtime all happened in an open field. The annual rainy season brings daily torrential downpours, making it impossible to meet without shelter. A lack of kitchen and sanitation facilities further hampered the program. Could EOR build an entire orphan care facility so the program could run year-round?

Lauren Andronici, EOR’s partners & projects chair, was quick to share her reservations. “I love the work that FOVC is doing, and I fully support them, but I have no idea how we’ll raise this money and support our other partners too.” The other board members agreed with this assessment, but decided to commit to the project, hoping to finish within 3 years. An amazing 494 days later, FOVC’s facility was complete–classrooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms, brick-by-brick, one donation at a time. From $6 to a single $7,000 donation, generous gifts poured in. By the time EOR’s team visited in November of 2011, the buildings were ready, and waiting to be painted.

Daka beams when asked about the changes he sees now that the center is complete, “It is because of our partnership with EOR that our children are able to get their basic needs and have hope to fulfill their visions. Due to EOR’s help, FOVC has a home where the children currently have different activities of schooling, and recreation and meals. The kids feel safe at FOVC. Besides balls & sport clothes, EOR has bought education materials and black boards, and medicine which has made a tremendous effect in their health, education and self-esteem. Thank you EOR for helping our kids.”

http://vimeo.com/4258177  (we included a link to our latest video about the work WE do!)




More About This Charity

Hunger and Poverty Relief
Ethiopian Orphan Relief, Inc.
Ethiopian Orphan Relief, Inc. (EOR) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that works to improve the living conditions and lives of orphaned and vulnerable children in Ethiopia. We work in partnership with local organizations to support the emotional and physical needs of these children. It is our goal to ensure that every child in Ethiopia has a warm bed, a loving influence, and sufficient education to better their lives.
This Achievement has raised $103,000
In 494 days (less than half the time planned) EOR funded and built an entire orphan care facility for one of our partners, FOVC.
2350 people were helped by this Achievement
Between January 1, 2011 and today this charity has helped 10,750 people
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The CLASSY Awards is the largest philanthropic awards ceremony in the country, celebrating the greatest charitable achievements by nonprofit organizations, socially conscious businesses, and individuals worldwide. In 2011, nearly 2,000 organizations and volunteers were nominated for a CLASSY Award, and their collective efforts impacted the lives of more than 200,000,000 people in 71 countries worldwide.

” Hollywood has Oscar, Broadway has Tony, and now Philanthropy has the CLASSYs! “


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