A Class Act

My wonderful friend teaches 3rd grade at our local school. She picks a service project every month for her class. For the month of March, she decided to pick EOR and specifically EOR’s partner Children’s Heaven to raise money and awareness for her students. She chose Children’s Heaven and their feeding program for the money to go to. We recently asked our partners how many kids could they feed on $10? The answer was about 17. Seventeen.

A couple years ago we raised money for this same feeding program at our Lights of Hope auction. At that time we raised enough money to feed the 80 or so girls daily for a year and a half. In the middle of that year, EOR received letters saying how much one meal a day meant for them. To paraphrase and simplify what they said, it meant that they could concentrate in school and actually learn.

Terri, my friend, thought this was a wonderful way to teach her kids about the opportunities we have in school here in the U.S as well as a way for kids to be more aware of the world around them. She asked the kids to do a penny drive, but the money they brought in they had to do chores for at home. This was not a, “hey Mom, can I have $5 dollars for school? drive.

After a month of saving and working at home, this class of 29 3rd graders raised a whopping $542.  Of this $542, $308 of it was in change and let me tell you, that amount of change is very heavy. I know this because I carried it to my bank to get counted. Terri said the kids would get so excited throughout the month as they neared each hundred dollars and figuring out how many meals that would be.

Because of Terri’s 3rd grade class, the girls at Children’s Heaven will have 942 more meals. AMAZING! Nine hundred and forty two more meals to help them stay in school and concentrate on making their futures brighter.

I am so proud to call Terri my friend and so proud of the kids for caring about the girls at Children’s Heaven. Thank you Terri and your 3rd grade class for donating to EOR.

Thank you 3rd graders!



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