Be kind and pay it forward

              How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it
February is the month of love and kindness.

A few weeks ago my husband Chris and I were talking with our two children about the “perfect” and the “pit” of our day. A dinner time tradition we have try to have several times a week about how our day went.

This lead to our son asking me who in my life has made the biggest impression of kindness to me. I shared that so many people in my life have shown kindness in many different ways. That the birthmothers of my children gave us gift of being parents, my sisters for always being my biggest cheerleaders in life, to EOR child donor Maya for saving all her money for one year and giving it to the children in Ethiopia, to my dear friend Merrie for taking on a Mother role when my own dear Mom passed away to my sweet cousin Tracy for always making sure our family’s burial site has flowers on the anniversary. Anthony, our son,  then asked “what one thing did somebody do for you that made you want to pay it forward to someone else?”

I immediately had the answer. About 26 years ago I was a poor nursing school student and had a friend getting married several states away. My dear friends Jeff & Sherri knew all my money was going towards college and that I had no way to travel to the wedding of our mutual friend. They invited me to lunch one day and handed me a round trip airline ticket to attend the wedding. I will never forgot that moment of kindness as long as I live. They gave the gift with one requirement, that one day I too pay it forward and help a friend in need.

I doubt Jeff & Sherri knew at that moment the profound impact they made on my life. We since have paid it forward and shared with them our story and someday when they are able to also pay it forward.

February is national kindness month. It’s a time to pay it forward to the ones you love, maybe the ones you struggle to love, to strangers, to random people. It doesn’t have to be a plane ticket, it can be opening the door for a stranger, smiling at the grocery clerk, saying thanks to a co-worker, paying for the cup of jo of the car behind you, leaving flowers on a door step, having your children create some art on paper and deliver it to the local nursing home, making a donation to your favorite charity in honor of a friend, sending a hand written note to a long lost friend, and so much more. Random acts of Kindness don’t have to cost a penny as they are coming from your heart.

So I challenge each of us this month to practice random acts of kindness and then share them with us by leaving a comment on our blog.  For the next 14 days each random acts of kindness comment, I’ll make a donation of $5 donation in your honor (not to exceed $250) to the EOR Children’s Heaven fund.



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