Soccer Balls to Ethiopia

The beautiful wise young girl Maeve is the daughter of EOR donors James & Annie. Remember this face as I’m quite confident she is going to change the world someday. This month Maeve was highlighted in her school newsletter for collecting soccer balls for kids in Ethiopia. Take a moment to read her sweet note.

My baby sister Viola was born in Ethiopia, which is located in the NE corner of Africa. Since we brought her home my mom has worked with Ethiopian Orphan Relief, Inc. (EOR). This year my mom and some other ladies from EOR went to Ethiopia. They brought backpacks full of stuff for the kids, supplies for hospitals, tons of clothes, and soccer balls signed by the kids from my 4th grade class, as well as my brother Quinton’s 2nd grade class. The soccer balls were given to girls at Children’s Heaven and kids at Lola and the orphanage care center in Shanto. 

The first time my mom went to Ethiopia she brought home something for our family, my sister, but this time we wanted to leave something from us there.

Thank you Maeve for your giving heart & the beautiful example you are for so many of us.



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