Too Much

It’s been a wonderful holiday.  As an American mama, living an American life,  I enjoy a season filled with “too many.”  Too many presents, too many late bedtimes, too many sweet treats, too many holiday activities to squeeze into an already too full schedule.

I really am lucky that way.  I returned from Ethiopia just one short month ago, and I saw, more often than I cared to,  people who lived with too little…too little food, too little education, too little water, none of it clean.

Short of bringing you all to Ethiopia with me, there’s little I can do to share the enormity of need with all of you.  All I can do, is ask you to join me in funding Ethiopian Orphan relief’s year-end campaign.

All of us have so much in our lives.  I am asking you to share some of your “too much” with those who have too little.

By giving to Ethiopian Orphan Relief,  you help more people more quickly.  With an all-volunteer board, EOR  guarantees that a greater percentage of your funds will actually meet needs in Ethiopia.

Please join me in giving before December, 31, 2011.  I will match the first $500 in donations between now and then.  I have so much to share.  I imagine you do too.

Happy Holidays,



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