Year End Giving/Teacher Gifts

Its December, your kids have a couple days left of school and you haven’t figured out a holiday gift yet. Or perhaps you have, but would like to do something more. Why not give them their holiday fruit cake and add a donation to EOR? I am planning on giving gift cards and matching those gifts with a donation from our family to EOR. Your teacher or whomever you are giving to, will feel touched that you have not only thought of them but have made it meaningful for your family and theirs as well.

Your gift to EOR at this year’s end can do so much for so many in Ethiopia. At this time of year your wallet is pulled in so many different directions its difficult to sort out just what you want to spend, if you can, and how to do so.  Think back over the last year and decide if you are able to donate at all, and if you can, please consider EOR. EOR is a completely volunteer run nonprofit. 95% of your gift goes to our projects and partners in Ethiopia. Compare that number with the other organizations you donate to and you will realize how much EOR blows their socks off. Seriously, your money is being put to good use in Ethiopia.

While we’re on the subject of gifts, let’s review some info on year end giving. A few things to remember when you donate to EOR. All donations must be postmarked by December 31, 2011. This is also true if you give by credit card through our website. If you picture yourself sitting with your 5th cup of coffee on April 14th wondering how you could have decreased the taxes you owe, this is the way to do it. Donate now to Ethiopian Orphan Relief. Log on to our website and donate through our portal Network for Good. When you do, Network for Good keeps track of any thing you’ve given through their website throughout the year and you can print out the official tally at the end of the year. Also contact your employer to find out if they do matching gifts. You can easily double your donation by making one phone call.

Whether you give in the name of a teacher, a friend or your family and whether your gift is related to the holidays or year end giving; please know that we appreciate the hard work that you have done to earn that money and how much thought you put into giving it to any organization. Ethiopian Orphan Relief is happy to have you as a supporter and glad to call you friends.


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