Goodbye for Now, Ethiopia

The EOR team said goodbye to Ethiopia earlier this morning. They left at 11pm Addis Ababa time and will be traveling for a mere 33 hours to get home. 33 hours. If you have ever traveled to Ethiopia, you’ll know how fun it is to board an airport when you should be going to bed. Let’s hope our team gets some rest as their families are all anxiously awaiting their arrival. The EOR Board Members who went on the trip Kim, Lauren and Paige will be checking in here on the blog soon. For now, here is the last trip update:

Kim: “At Addis Ababa airport waiting for our 33 hour flight home. Exhausted beyond belief. Hardest trip of my life. Saw extreme poverty that will haunt me for a very long time. Loved seeing all our partner organization and the work that has been completed. Spent the morning at Children’s Heaven and left in tears. Those girls are truly an inspiration. Can’t wait to see my family and eat a big green salad with cucumbers and drink water from the tap.”

And Lauren:”Last day in Addis. Enjoyed a long hot shower, and stone fired pizza last night here at the HILTON. This trip has been one of the hardest of my life. We were very busy with plans from dawn til dusk every day. The bus rides are long and dusty and I have had a underlying nausea since day 3. Must say I have not thought about work and feel grateful for everything I am blessed with in life. Really thoughtful about my luck in life. I learned so much about our partners and feel more prepared to help guide EOR’s grants in the future. Our team of 8 was amazing, dealing with our grueling schedule, paying for this trip out of pocket, and entering every scenario with a open heart and mind. It was not easy. Thanks for coming with us and helping make this trip a huge success… MelissaAli, HeidiJudy , and Annie. You guys are rock stars!!! Ethiopian Orphan Relief is lucky to have such volunteers , donors and supporters like you who went the extra mile and a half here in Ethiopia.”

Safe Travels EOR crew, looking forward to you all coming home.


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