EOR Ethiopia Trip-Day 10

It appears as if our adventurous crew of 8 have regained some internet access. After spending a few days in very rural southern Ethiopia, the EOR team is heading back to Addis Ababa. For those of you just joining us. Ethiopian Orphan Relief has a team in Ethiopia right now. Part of our responsibility as a nonprofit is to check on and assess the needs and how our funds are being spent. On this trip, 8 people are traveling throughout Ethiopia. They are meeting and seeing first hand what every single dollar given to EOR has done for the individuals there. Thank you to our donors, you make us proud.

Once again, here are the updates from Kim and Lauren:

Kim: “Wow!! Amazing time we had in Shanto, Ethiopia since Tuesday. The orphanage is all built. We did painting, health assessments, installed a basketball hoop, bought tons of medical supplies, chalkboards, school books, passed out gena bags, went to open air market and bought all the kids bananas out and left much of our heart in Shanto. Now on the way to Dale and Borcha villages to pass out mosquito nets. Will update more in few days. Haven’t had internet or phone access since Monday.”

Lauren: “Day 10- On our way back to Addis from Soddo and Shanto. Wow- This FOVC compound that EOR helped fund is RURAL! We are so pround to be partnered with this group. Desalegn Daka is a smart, loving, and innovative person. These kids are in dire need of our support. Great things are happening that are changing the whole community of Shanto. Clean water, medicine, and EDUCATION. The kids were working on math problems in a mud/ hay building that knocked my socks off. The need is great, but they have come so far with the great support of Ethiopian Orphan Relief. Had a HUGE bon fire and a lamb/sheep dinner. Yes… I saw the animal eat its last meal a few hours prior.”


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