Traveling to Soddo

Today the EOR crew of 8 is traveling south of Addis Ababa to Soddo. Soddo is the home of Friends of Vulnerable and Orphaned Children, aka FOVC. As you may remember, we had a buy a brick campaign to build FOVC their center. Soddo is a smallish community, not served by some of the other, larger nonprofits you have heard of. The truth is, many times, those groups need to go to the largest areas to get the biggest bang for their buck. Makes sense. However the need of other communities is huge. The EOR/FOVC partnership is one of those things that fits both of our groups at the right time. EOR can do HUGE things with FOVC. For instance. EOR built a building…WITH YOUR HELP! Wheewhoo! I will let the crew of 8 in Ethiopia tell you exactly what impact that has on the community as a whole there when they get back. Stay tuned people, there are about to be a whole flurry of amazing, emotional blog posts. The crew gets back on Sunday, let’s give them until after Thanksgiving for their jet lag to even out, then we’re in for some amazing stuff. Until then, here is Lauren, EOR Project and Partner chair’s recent post about the day’s events.

Day 5 or 6- Just about to hit the coffee again. OUR huge 20 person van is on its way to pick up the team and about 38 duffles of supplies . We are headed down to Soddo, a 6-8 hr drive. We have a ton of errands to run in Addis first. Ethiopian Orphan Relief is bringing Mosquito nets, medicine, clothing, and even a basketball hoop.. Should be a good trip, apparently beautiful through the rift valley and Awassa. Looking forward to finally seeing the FOVC compound that EOR built with the generous donations or our supporters. FOVC.

For those of you in Portland, Oregon, and attended the Lights of Hope Auction in May of this year, FOVC was featured throughout the evening. The mosquito nets so many of you purchased are now being delivered by hand, just in time, malaria is rampant. AND the building you helped build is being finished.


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