Off to Mek’ele

The EOR crew in Ethiopia spent Saturday in Addis Ababa by joining in the 7th Anniversary celebrations at Children’s Heaven. Children’s Heaven is a place for girls pre-teen to teen in danger of being orphaned and without a place to go. If I knew how to link you to all the wonderful blog posts on Children’s Heaven I would do that now. Since I am holding down the proverbial ‘EOR Fort’ while everyone is away, you just get the basics.

Sunday, the EOR group flew to Mekele to visit EOR partner LOLA. LOLA is a children’s home for HIV Orphans. The following is a note from Lauren, EOR Partner and Project’s Chair.

“Day 3 or is it 4?..- Caught a flight to Mekele this AM from Addis. Met with the amazing crew at LOLA Childrens home. Ethiopian Orphan Relief supplied this new orphanage with computers, beds, linens, mattresses, and a new van. This city is beautiful and we are so proud to be partnered with such a well run program. Had a great meeting with the director Abebe, board members, and assorted staff. Tonight had a surprise dinner at the house of 2 volunteers from Australia. Great evening. Great team. Exhausted with the travel and experiences, but thrilled with the project evaluation. Miss my sweet family.”

Our crew of 8 travelers have given EOR an incredible gift of time, money, emotion and heart to make this trip to Ethiopia. All of us involved in EOR hold a special place in our hearts for Ethiopia, but to leave your family and make a trip like this takes another level of compassion, which all of our team on this trip clearly have. They have gone to make sure every dollar given to EOR is in the right place, spent the right way. EOR is a 100% volunteer organization. 96 cents of every dollar you give goes to our projects in Ethiopia. That right there is an amazing fact. 96% Beyond that, we at EOR make sure that those 96 pennies of every dollar are spent in a responsible and honest manner. We make sure of it, and every 20-24 months, EOR members go to check on things in person.

I know our group is physically and emotionally exhausted, you can’t travel to the other side of the world without that happening. Please send all your wonderful thoughts their way. We all look forward to their safe return, their stories, their photos, but in the mean time, they have much more great work to be done. Please continue to follow us here on our blog, Facebook and Twitter for the play by play account.




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