Visiting the EOR Water Project in Busa, Ethiopia

11.11.11 is just finishing here in the U.S. but 11.11.11 is long over in Ethiopia. Our team in Ethiopia visited the water project EOR funded with partner Water 1st. Here’s what we heard from our crew in Ethiopia today.

“Day 1- Just rolled into Addis after a day in Busa visiting the Kelcho Gerbi water project. Unreal. Stood next to a group of community members served by the huge water project recently completed. These people looked us in the eye and gave heartfelt, authentic, and heart swelling thanks to the donors who have CHANGED the lives of these villages forever with clean water. It was in the words of team member Judy Andronici “the most intense cross cultural experience of my life”. They grieved for past generations/lost relatives and spoke of the brighter future for their children. Photos to follow soon.”–Kim Pasion

“I’ve left my heart in beautiful Busa. Humbled by the appreciation felt by the people who worked so hard to bring clean water to their own community. Thank you Ethiopian Orphan Relief–you have changed the lives of thousands!” –Paige Chapman-Layland



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