EOR in Ethiopia Right Now!

Ethiopia Orphan Relief’s team of 8 board members and volunteers arrived today in Ethiopia. After traveling for more than 24 hours, we received word that they all made it safe and sound. AND, joy of joys, all 44 bags made it through customs! These bags contain the Project Gena donations, computers, cameras, medical equipment and many other donations that YOU, our donors so graciously have given to our cause.

Flights from the US arrive at midnight in Addis Ababa. The team will be hopefully sleeping for more than a few hours and then they are off to the first partner and project visit: Traveling two hours to Busa to see the Kelcho Gerbi Project. The EOR team will meet with the Water Action Director and visit the site that we were so proud to have funded. You may have seen photos in the past of this water project, now we will see it in person and see what other water projects are needed in the region.

EOR is also participating in the documentary ‘One Day on Earth’ that chronicles life on 11.11.11. How cool is that? We’re happy to have our EOR team turn film crew participate in this event. I am sure there will be more information on that in the months to come.

Stay tuned for updates on the 10 day trip. Follow EOR on facebook and twitter for more information.


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