Building his legacy

Today my baby boy  is 19 months old.  He seems more like a little boy then he does a baby.  As we sat on the floor today playing I grabbed some blocks. Normally I attempt to make a tower and he knocks it over and yells “TIBER” aka timber.  Today was a little different. He started to help me with the tower before I knew it he had stacked seven blocks.  I couldn’t believe I was so proud of him for putting one block on top of the other.  I thought that was so impressive that it was photo worthy (yes-I think nearly everything he does is photo worthy but still).

As I watched him it reminded me of the Build a Legacy Campaign EOR had. I thought of all the bricks that were stacked together to make something amazing.  I thought about the fact that in a little over a week a team of EOR’s finest will be putting the finishing touches on the building YOU helped create.

It’s amazing what you can build with a little help.  



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