Friday night

What a fun weekend!  On friday night we had a impromptu neighborhood Texas Hold Em tournament in my living room.  Our girls  were asleep after a long day of play and my husband and I sat down to win some extra cash.

I like to think of myself as Poker Player and not many people know how much I enjoy gambling. Well.. maybe my little brother whom I spent the afternoon on the phone with planning strategy.

Sadly, I was first out. Hmmm. Disappointing, but well deserved.

The game apparently went on until 1:30 am and a lucky man named Aaron walked away with a $100 pot. My husband informed me of the winner upon arrival to bed.  “good for Aaron”  I said.

The next morning I spent time cleaning up the remnants of the evening when my doorbell rang.

Sweet Aaron was on his bike with his daughter in tow passing me an envelope.  “what’s this” ? , I asked.   “just open it”, he said.

Imagine my delight when I found a check written to EOR from his winnings and then some!!!

Thanks so much Aaron, Noelle and Aviva!!  We really appreciate the gesture and your support.

So excited for our pending Ethiopia travels.  Can’t wait to see the completed projects and assess the sites for new ones.  This is going to be an amazing trip and I am proud to travel with such a great organization.  I will be sure to let Aaron know where this money is spent.  He has entrusted me with the decision, and I will spend it with his beautiful family in mind.




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