Food, glorious food…a terrific update about Children’s Heaven.

This week has been one for the record books here at EOR.  From the tidy sum raised at Macy’s Shop 4 a Cause, to the news that EOR was named a finalist in Stay Classy’s “Most Innovative Use of Social Media” category, we’ve been all smiles around these parts.

And now, the smiles have grown even broader.  Earlier today, EOR received the quarterly report from Children’s Heaven.  That in itself is not particularly exciting.  Our partners keep in close contact with us, especially via email, but we do ask for quarterly reports about the status of the projects we fund.

Last year, at the  2010 Lights of Hope event, our generous donors raised more than $21,000 in less than 15 minutes so that EOR could begin funding a daily feeding program at Children’s Heaven.   Although we had hoped to fund the program for a year, EOR was actually able to commit to meals for 500 days!

Believe it or not, the 500 days should be coming to end in the next few weeks (oh how time flies).  The board of EOR has been very anxious about securing additional funding for the program, and really, we had no idea how to make that happen.

The report received from Hanna Fanta (the director of Children’s Heaven) today indicates that they have been so very careful with the funds that they will be able to feed the girls through March of 2012!

So, lots of smiles all around today, and a few more months to spin straw into gold so that the program can continue nourishing girls.

It’s been a very good week around these parts.  I love what we achieve together.

You are EOR!



One thought on “Food, glorious food…a terrific update about Children’s Heaven.

  1. Please us know how to enter the notecard art contest. plus any details.
    Our daughter is from ET and would like to enter.

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