Baby, you’re the best!

The last day in a month of blogging, and here I am, adding the 28th post.  Not perfect, but plenty of posts nonetheless (daily blogging in August?  What were we thinking?)  Really, this month there was SO much to talk about, it was hard not to blog-if we weren’t mentioning the deadline for art submissions, we blogged about Super Dave, the dad who’s losing for dollars (for EOR!).  We also discussed funding needs for FOVC-Ethiopia, Project Gena 2011, Macy’s Shop  4 a Cause, and we may have asked you to vote a time or two.

Let it be said that 1.  we work hard to keep our supporters informed (about projects and needs and opportunities) and b. we really appreciate you (like, big puffy heart love appreciate you)!  There isn’t a single post written this month or any other that isn’t about YOU!  You vote for us,  you fund the projects,  you make the difference in the lives of  lots of terrific kids.  Thanks for all you do, sweet peeps.  EOR is a success because YOU are EOR!



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