We made it!!!!!

“We’re proud as, well…a peacock about being one of the top 3 competitors for
Stay Classy’s “Most Innovative Use of Social Media” award, and it’s all thanks to…YOU!!!  That’s right, your votes put on on the winner’s podium.

The last round of voting begins this week, but don’t worry, your part is done.  A panel of judges will choose a single winner among the top 10 in each category.  Fingers crossed, on September 17th, EOR will be given a mighty sum of money to help the girls at Children’s Heaven.

Thanks to each and every one of you who brought us this far.  YOU are EOR!  How Classy is that?

Do you live in the San Diego area? Want to join us for the award night? To purchase tickets click here.

Thanks again for your votes, and your votes and more votes!

Kim & Paige



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